Communication Management Plan

CommunicationManagement Plan

  1. Stakeholder Communications Requirements

Communicationmethods should be made simple enough so that the intended recipientof the message is able to understand and employ the information(Schwalbe, 2010). It is important to note that communication is vitalin this situation thus the more communication passed on leads tobetter communication. Personnel working in the top hierarchy of theproject often require written documents this they should be affordedcopies of the information they require. This can also be done thoughemails and other posts. Other employees can receive the messagethrough short meetings, emails, as well as, the use of message boardson the intranet that have templates posted about the project.

Informationshould be disseminated to the required parties frequently to informthe parties as to the status of the project. This information willenable the management team monitor the project and keep them aware ofthe developing complications so that they are able to put in placemitigation measures and solve arising issues.

  1. Communications Summary

TheJust-In-Time project’s main tool for enhancing participation,cooperation and coordination is project communication as it brings anunderstanding and acceptance among all the stakeholders in theproject. There are a number of stakeholders in this project that willall contribute to the realization of the project objectives. The mainsponsor in this project is Mr. DC while the project manager handlingthe project team is Jeff Brown. A number of contractors and supplierswill be needed in this project to supply the needed constructionmaterial, hydrogen fueling facilities and a primary supplier for thehydrogen that will be used in the project. Dealing with hydrogen willalso require an expert in the field to coordinate and monitor the useof hydrogen. As part of the safety requirements, the local firedepartment in Mansfield is also a stakeholder to provide the requiredhelp should the need arise.

TheMansfield community as well as the Mansfield government is alsoinvolved as stakeholders as they will be part of the populace thatbenefit from the erection of this project. This type of project needsthe involvement of big business partners such as the Toyota MotorCorporation that have joined the project to ensure its success.Mansfield transportation department will provide the necessarytransportation for the workforce and materials required to get theproject going. Other necessary stakeholders in this project includethe NE Law Firm that will be handling any and all legal issues suchas coordinating with the US Environmental Protection Agency who willsort out environmental issues. A federal safety inspector togetherwith the Massachusetts safety inspector will also be stakeholders toensure that the project goes according to plan.

Thetable given below shows the summary of stakeholders, communicationrequired and the delivery method or the format of the communicationand who will provide the communication and when it will be providedor frequency of distribution. All the project information will beavailable in project website.


Internal / External

Information to be communicated

Communication Method


Frequency of Communication



Project status reports

Hard copy, e-mail, and short meetings

Project manager

Weekly/ Monthly

Project plans

Project charter


Project manager

Once, at the end of planning phase

Budget reports

Financial specialist


Change requests

Project manager

As needed

Project Manager


Status reports

E-mail, internal website, and hard copy

Project team

Weekly and monthly

Change requests

As needed

Budget reports


Update project plans

As needed

Issue logs

As needed

Project team members


Monthly status report

Teleconference, email, and hard copy

Project team


  1. Guidelines

  • Project steering committees should receive project reports every week on Tuesday mornings at 9 AM

  • When sending mails, dates and titles should appear and the recipient should acknowledge receipt of the documents.

  • Sponsors are must be given a monthly status report every first Friday of the month

  • Employees involved should receive project announcements every time one is published

  • The project team should receive a weekly status report every Tuesday at 2 PM

  • The project team should provide a daily report to the project manager every day at 10 AM

  • Use of checklists should be as often as possible

  1. Escalation procedures for resolving issue

Arisingissues should be fixed at the lowermost level possible. When theseissues cannot be solved, the affected people should raise the matterto their immediate supervisors to help solve the issues. Should theissue in question be a critical matter or time sensitive, it shouldbe reported to the project manager. In the event that the projectmanager is unable to resolve the matter, they should raise the issueto the senior managers or the project steering committee.

  1. Revision procedure for this document

Revisionto the plan of the document will be done by the Project Manager JeffBrown in consultation with the sponsor Mr. DC. The top of thedocument will bear the revision number and the date of the revision.


Schwalbe,K. (2010). An Introduction to Project Management. 3rd ed. KathySchwalbe, LLC.