Combining Assets and Activities


CombiningAssets and Activities

Verticalcommunication is the process whereby information flows from seniorlevel management who are director managers to, middle level managerswho are section managers and lower level managers who are also calledthe supervisors and from supervisor to workers. This type ofcommunication is also vice versa as the communication follows backthe same way following the same communication channels till itreaches the top level managers. With horizontal communication is amethod in which information is exchanged between managers within thesame level of management. Senior level managers are responsible forexecuting and authorizing the funding of projects in theorganization. While middle level manager their role is to helpimplement organization policies made by the top level managers andlower level managers, their role is to make sure the day-to-dayresponsibilities are fully carried out by workers in theorganization. In my opinion, the practice should be decentralized inorder to increase efficiency in the organization because not allproblems should be handled by the top level management(Dimovski &amp Penger, January 01, 2004).

Theimportance of differentiation in the organization is to help eachworker in the organization to involve themselves in learningactivities that will help the gain new skills and abilities in theorganization. Integration is of most importance because it must startwith senior level management all the way to the workers as eachworker in the organization needs proper guidance to demonstrate theability of decision making to lead employees by example. Managing thecomplexity in the organization is very important, especially duringdecision making also it is a technique that deals with the study andoptimization of the organization. Interdependence in the organizationhelps various group members within the organization mutuallydependent on others for support based on task given within theorganization. Finally, boundary spanning activities is of importanceas it helps mostly an individual not to cross certain boundaries ofsocial status within the organization as this might interfere withthe flow of information within the organization In( Avril &amp In Zumello, 2013).


Chief executive officer

Finance manager

Information technology manager

Marketing manager



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