College Essay




Ihave had a successful academic career from high school to mysecondary level. I had many challenges that served as a platform fortransformation for me to be more resilient in pursuing a successfulcareer in electrical engineering. High school was the mosttransformative level. I faced a myriad of physical and emotionalsetbacks that shaped my aspirations into adulthood. Academically, Iwas quite inconsistent in almost all the schoolwork especially inperformance. This was due to my inconsistency in attending criticallectures that affected my delivery during end of session exams.However, these undesirable habits did not continue when I enrolledfor college. I realized that I had to make vital changes on myhabits. This change of attitude enhanced my commitments to studiesculminating into a splendid postsecondary career that bolstered mydreams of becoming an electronics engineer. I began to implement myresolutions right from the first semester.

Diligenceand ineptitude in dealing with academic obligations andresponsibilities became my core values throughout my college life. Idid my assignments well, prepared and sat for end-of-semester with anA-grade attitude. This does not mean that college life was devoid ofchallenges that I had to device ways to overcome. Many a time, Iprepared for my exams well enough, to my standards. However, onseveral occasions, it turned out quite different from myexpectations. I later realized that I had not articulated my coursepriorities. I learned from these mistakes and re-organized my studymodes and tuition techniques. It is upon making these changes that Iconsistently achieved the highest scores within the A category. Imade it to the President’s list three times and membership on theprestigious Phi Theta Kappa. I consider my high school education avery significant step that prepared me for even great aspirations. I,therefore, wish to be part of the University of Illinois fraternityin the faculty of electrical engineering. I believe it is the place Iwill have access to a variety of opportunities that will sharpen myengineering skills. Furthermore, its reputation in teaching andtraining electronics engineers is beyond reproach. It will be adream-come-true for an aspiring electronics engineer who seeks to theskills to solve global challenges.

TheUniversity has a long history of individuals who have gone throughits programs and later had their used the same knowledge tocontribute to contemporary innovation in science. Different scholarsfrom the institution have proven so through their great ideas andinnovations. The ECE department at the university has sufficientfunds from concerted support from different governmental andnon-governmental entities to support research and development inscience. Considering that electrical engineering is an area thatneeds quality and qualified professionals, a degree from theUniversity of Illinois will undoubtedly be the right qualificationfor me in the current market. My college education serves as thebasis of seeking to improve my education. Moreover, my college didnot have upper division programs for electrical engineering hence,transferring to a better institution than my college is the logicalsteps forward. Enrolling for and graduating with honors in upperdivision classes in the University of Illinois will be a new androbust platform to meet the dreams of my future career. Everyindividual with aspirations such as mine wishes to get the sameskills in an institution of this reputation.


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