Clinical Nursing Application

ClinicalNursing Application:

DashboardAnalysis and Nursing Plan

Manyorganizations are using dashboards analysis to communicateinformation, and these can be customized to drill down to individualunit data or show organizational objectives as a whole [ CITATION Hen09 l 1033 ]. The American Nursing Association has indicated that patient outcomesthat are determined to be nursing sensitive are those that improvequality of nursing care such as pressure ulcers, falls, andintravenous infiltrations [ CITATION ANA14 l 1033 ]. Furthermore,Roberts in his journal article has shown that meeting the demand foraccessible and accurate data is a must for all heath careorganizations[ CITATION Rob14 l 1033 ].

Thefollowing plan can be worked out from in response to the dashboardfor Virginia hospitals between the 2ndquarter of the financial year 2009 and the 1stquarter of the financial year 2010.

Nurse-SensitiveQuality Indicator Dashboard – Adams 5 – Action Plan

(InpatientRehab Unit)

NHPPD:Target was met in the last quarter. Maintain the patient hourtargets.

RNCare Hrs: targets have never been met in all the four quarters. Increase the number of RN personnel.

%AGNCYHR: Target met. Maintain the targets.

%PRSSULC:The percentage of patients with pressure ulcers must be reduced inthe next quarter.

%AQPRULC:The percentage of acquired pressure ulcer patients should be reduced.

%PRSRSKA:The percentage of Patients assessed for pressure ulcers within 24hours of point-prevalence assessment must be improved and kept at100%.

TOTFALLS:should be reduced in the next quarter.

%RSK&ampPROT:target was met in the last quarter. Maintain protocol.

%BSN:Maintain BSN targets.

%CERT: Maintain targets.

Nurse-SensitiveService line/Unit -Specific Indicators

FIM:Bowel: maintain targets

FIM:Bowel: Maintain targets

Nurse-SensitiveGeneral Indicators

LOS:Maintain targets

Mislabeledspecimens: must be maintained at 0 targets.

Nurse-SensitivePatient Satisfaction Survey Indicators

RNCourtesy: targets should be maintained at 88.85

Attentionto Specific Needs: should be increased

ResponsePain: should be increased.

InstructHome: should be improved.

CareWell Coordinated: should be increased.


Inthe contemporary world, Hospitals, medical centers and other healthinstitutions are using digital dashboard technology to providerelevant information to clinicians to improve the quality of patientcare [ CITATION Wel08 l 1033 ]. This is the essence of dashboard analysis.


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