Classification essay on Music on your MP3 player


Music on your MP3 player

It is evident that people subscribe to different styles. Be it whatthey dress, how they walk, talk or what type of music they listen to.The music on the Mp3 player can be classified according to the outerappearance of a person. For instance, people will dress and behavesuch a way that the artists of their favorite musicians behave ordress. In other words, the dress code and the behavior of a personcan be used as a tool for categorizing the type of music on their mp3players (Frith, 2012). Research has indicated that people seem tocopy the dressing style, walking style and even eating habits oftheir favorite artists.

Rap and hip hop music is characterized by people who wear saggingjeans with their pants showing. Additionally, such people may alsowear baggy t-shirts and sporty Nikes. This is characteristic withnumerous hip hop and rap artists such as Eminem. People who wearthese types of clothes are most likely to be listening to hip hop andrap music. They attempt to emulate their favorite artists such asEminem (Frith, 2012). Hip hop and rap music is associated withgangsters and it is common amongst the young people in colleges, aswell as in the streets. This is a clear indication of how music andfashion are intertwined and how dressing affects the type of musicthat a person is likely to be listening.

Dreadlocks, saggy jeans and labeled t-shirts are styles that areassociated with reggae music. People listening to reggae are alsoidentified wearing multicolored head scuffs. Reggae music is largelycommon amongst people of all ages and it boosts of preaching themessages of peace and unity (Frith, 2012). Reggae artists mainly wearsaggy jeans and are severally known to have dreadlocks. Pioneerreggae artists such as Bob Marley, Lucky and Burning Spear are knownfor their long and shaggy dreadlocks. Their t-shirts are most likelylabeled with their names or are painted with marijuana plants. Reggaemusic listeners can also be associated with marijuana smoking. Thisgenre of music is yet another manifestation of the connection betweenmusic and fashion and or style. Certain genre of music can indeed beidentified with certain types of fashion and style. People who wearas reggae artists are most likely listeners of reggae music.

Psychedelic rock and folk music has its own style. The GreatfulDead, Sublime, Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles were the pioneers of rockand folk music and they gave it a style or a fashion that exists tilltoday. The style of hippies was invented during this time and has fordecades been associated with rock and folk music. Bellbottoms andmarijuana are the primary styles that are associated with rock andfolk music (Frith, 2012). Dead head is a term that has preoccupiedthis genre of music in the recent past years. It is a term that isassociated with people who were in deep love with the Greatful Dead.This genre of music can also be associated with people who haveshaggy hair. The classification of music in my mp3 is largely basedon fashion and style of dressing and outward appearance. It is worthnoting that there are other different aspects that can be used tocategorize music.

The outward appearance and the behaviors portrayed by a person aresufficient to determine the type or genre of music that such a personlistens. As discussed above, it is clear that different genres ofmusic such as reggae, rock and hip hop are associated with certainstyles or and fashions (Frith, 2012). People emulate the dressing andthe style of their favorite artists to show their loyalty to suchmusic genres.


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