AtBroad, I believe that I will be empowered and equipped with thenecessary skills and experience that will help me achieve my personalgoals. Apart from the academic flexibility, Broad offersindividualized coaching that will assist me to propel in myprofessional path. This is why I have immense interest in joiningBroad. I believe that my academic qualification and life experiences,place me in a better position to be admitted at Eli Broad graduateschool.Currently, I am undertaking my bachelordegree in commerce at China University. My academic progress isimpeccable with an average GPA of 4. My undergraduate course is thebasis of my unending interest in the accounting profession. It hasamplified my accounting skills in diverse areas. After successfullycompleting my undergraduate studies, I plan to study CPA’s andbecome a certified public accountant. I believe that, having fullycompleted my degree course and CPA, I will manage to tackle anychallenging accounting task. My education accomplishment will be afirm foundation for the career path I want to follow. This will alsohelp me in fulfilling most of my objectives in the near future.

Shortterm goals My short term career expectation is to be encompassedin any of the four major accounting firms and work as an auditor.Within the next three years, I want to advance my education horizonby finishing CPA and obtaining a license. I am also seeking to do amaster’s degree in accounting. Broadening my education horizon andaccumulating work experience will get me ready for my future longterm goals. Working in an established and renowned firm will exposeme to the various challenges that I may encounter in the future. Thiswill help me to put to use the skills that I will have attained frommy education. In the long run, I aspire to expound my accountingexperience in the United States and relay what I have experienced inchina. Thereafter, establish my accounting firm. I will also like towork under a good auditing firm in order to gain more experience inthis field of accounting.

BroadMS contribution in my success I am confident that the Broad Ms in accounting willsignificantly contribute to my success. The reason behind my choiceis because Broad’s Ms Program was ranked 11th in the overalluniversities and 8th among the public universities. It would thus bemy pride to undertake the Ms Program in accounting in such aninstitution where quality services are offered. This I can see inthe ranks that the university has acquired in due time. Broad’s MsAccounting will expand my knowledge and strengthen my accountingskills. I like challenges and studying alongside some of thebrightest students will be an exhilarating experience. I believe thatthe faculty will provide me with in-depth accounting knowledge thatwill place me in an advantageous position in the job market.Moreover, Broad has a graduate school leadership program whichintegrates various activities. These activities will aid me inenhancing my interpersonal and leadership skills as well as expandingmy knowledge. Graduate Management

Iam interested in pursuing graduate management education now because,and the board of examiners requires that, for one to qualify sittingfor CPA exams, they must have a master’s degree. Also, undertakinggraduate studies now will accelerate the accomplishment of my shortterm goals. Finally, this will be advantageous as I will be betterplaced in the job market. Every challenge I haveencountered in life has moulded me into a better person. I prefer totake challenges as lessons. My parents are entrepreneurs. They own ahotel here in china. I have learned a lot from them. Firstly, runningyour own business has its setbacks. They involved me in the runningof the business at an early age. I have made several mistakes whileat the workplace that have taught me noble interpersonal skills andhave shaped me to cope with difficult situations. There are instanceswhere I would be left in charge, and this compelled me to act as aleader. This helped me to learn how to think critically andcreatively and also make decisions. My family has supported me, and Ialways feel encouraged for the trust they have in me. They canentrust me with any duties and expect exemplary results. Background relevance

Ihave also done my internship at the bank of china. This internshiphas enabled me to familiarize myself with the links between business,accounting, and finance. The internship program enabled me to learnabout the core business of the bank. I gained hands-on experience inthe various departments, learned to be a team player through variousorganized activities and meeting with the senior management to learnfrom them. My experience at the bank brought out both my weaknessesand strengths. At this stage, I managed to understand my weaknesses,and I am in the progress of rectifying them. I have also learned howto use my strengths to benefit the organization.In addition to this, I was a Red Cross volunteer in the child caredepartment. The volunteer experience opened my eyes in giving back tothe community. This is a fulfilling feeling knowing that you havetouched someone’s life in one way or another.Owing to my profound experience in the banking and hotel industry, Iplan to link the practical and theoretical approaches skillfully andanalyze the differences and similarities that may accrue. Havinggained the experience in china, I understand that our practices maydiffer in some areas. Due to this, I would be more than grateful toshare the differing policies with the entire Broad Ms accountingcommunity, which may be beneficial in solving some issues. Due to ourdifferences in culture, I believe that sharing my experiences with myfellow colleagues may have an impact on them. I will also try toincorporate what I already know to assist me in understanding the newanalysis that I may encounter.