Class Reflection Unit




Thishas been one of the most eye opening classes for me so far. I can saythis candidly based on the things that I have learned from the veryfirst day of class up to now. I am very impressed with the progress Ihave made so far which is clearly visible from a comparison of theessays I have completed in the past prior to taking this unit and theones I have completed recently after enrolling in the unit.

Inmy previous essays and academic writings, I was very nervous andalways thinking of how well I am answering the question all the time.This affected my thought processes which led to oftentimesdisorganized essays that would score lowly in terms of fluency,structure and organization. Today, I have learnt strategies oforganizing my writing through making outline and essays structures.Looking back and reading some these past essays, I can see clearlywhere I was getting it wrong. While one might be aware of exactlywhat one wants to say, putting it in writing in a manner that it isreceived and interpreted as intended can be challenging. Today’smodern education requires students to be very fluent and clear inwriting and expressing their arguments and supporting them withrelevant literature. The content should not only be relevant but thewriting should not jeopardize the message. The writing should also bewell organized and appealing to the audience. However, I feel I havea lot to work on in terms in fluency by using the right connectorsbetween paragraphs.

Onearea that I feel I have mastered well though, is presentingpersuasive arguments using rhetorical strategies. Apart from learninghow to structure persuasive arguments, I am now conversant withmaking arguments using inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning.These are some of the aspects that I believe will make me a betterperson academically by being able to succinctly and clearly argue formy points. This does not apply for exam purposes only but also for mywhole life as a professional. I believe I am now well equipped toexplore writing as a hobby such as writing to a local newspapereditorial on various topics. Additionally, by mastering my writingskills with practice in other classes, I believe I will be a wellrounded professional who can utilize his writing skills in theworkplace given that writing and learning are lifelong processes. Toachieve, I have borrowed and continue to borrow from other peoplesworks.

Thisprocess of using other people’s works has also been a core learningpoint in this class. I am now well informed on referencing andacknowledging other people’s work in my work. I recall from a pastessay in another class whereby my instructor commented that one ofthe paragraphs in my work was too similar to a source even though thepiece had passed through plagiarism software successfully as anoriginal piece. I am now more aware of proper referencing andacknowledging other peoples work using various referencing stylessuch as MLA and APA and also using footnotes and endnotes.Furthermore, I am now better equipped at evaluating and assessing thecredibility of sources for various uses. Such skills are not only forpassing exam but will remain with me for life and be improved upon.

Thismeans that what I have learned so far in writing is just one of themany levels that I hope to encounter and conquer. I will remain opento new ideas in regards to writing and applying the skills gained invarious situations. I plan to engage and support others in mylearning as I have learned. I am therefore very grateful to myinstructor who has been very supporting and accommodating in thislesson. I am convinced that in any other situation, the learningwould not have been as smooth, fulfilling and fun as it was. I amalso thankful to my classmates for having provided a lively learningenvironment.


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