CLASS INFO 1120 001

CLASS:INFO 1120 001





Theuse of modern information systems has brought to the fore issues ofethical and social importance to the public and the users. It isimportant to address these issues amicably to ensure that the neteffect of information systems is beneficial to society.


Tounderstand these issues better, the article will summarize findingsfrom several online articles specialized in information systems. Thiswill be done by highlighting the main issues before settling on twoof the issues to offer a brief explanation.


  • Information enables people and governments to easily infringe on people’s privacy

  • Information systems pose a threat to confidentiality

  • Increased &quotwhite collar crime&quot such as identity theft

  • New social classes of information rich&quot and the &quotinformation poor&quot

  • Increased copyright infringement

  • Changing nature of work

  • Changing how people interact and relate


Today,people can readily work remotely rather than commuting to theirworkplaces through information systems. This however is onlyapplicable to subcategories of positions in the workplace. This ideaof working remotely can be a very important direction in curbingclimate change and reducing cost for businesses by eliminating traveland thus reducing emissions (Boorsma&amp Mitchell 2011).Additionally, it can increase productivity by eliminating time lostin traffic and getting ready for the office.

Withincreased use of information systems, privacy and confidentialityface a greater threat. Private information can be accessed withoutauthority by unscrupulous people. Current measures to safeguard suchconfidential and private information are not 100% secure. Thegovernment also utilizes information systems to fight crime by forinstance tapping phone communications and emails (Tucker 2015). Thisis a direct threat to the idea of privacy and confidentiality.


Theinformation system age is here to stay. Individual privacy is hard toguarantee nowadays courtesy of information systems Nonetheless,information systems have made accomplishing some tasks easier. Datais more easily accessible to people on various devices and has madeit easier to communicate by voice and even video which eliminatescosts in travel to workplaces and office space.


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