Clarifying Your Goals with a Plan of Action


ClarifyingYour Goals with a Plan of Action

Mygoal for the professional and growth development is being able toincrease my production by 10% in the workplace while stillundertaking my MBA program. The reason why I selected this goal isthat I entered the MBA program is that I wanted to growprofessionally under the MBA program. As a part time student and apart time employee, I wanted to ensure that I make good use of theknowledge I`m gaining from the MBA program before I could graduate.To achieve this goal, I am giving myself a timeline of 6 months afterwhich I can reevaluate my achievements. To reach for this goal, Iwill ensure that I am in a better position to manage my time andcreate an environment that will promote attainment of the specificgoal (Brookover, 2010). For effective time management, I will createa timetable and mark the days that my activities do not match thetimetable. This will help in determining the consistency in timemanagement in attaining my goal. In creation of an effectiveenvironment, I will establish the specific areas that encourage onincreasing my productivity such as the people I associate with, diet,or sleeping hours and invest more in them (Daft, 2011).Identification of these areas will ensure that I cultivate the bestpractices and an effective environment in the attainment of my goal.To ensure that these objectives are in line with the goal, I will bein constant evaluation of each objective after one month. I willrecord all the activities and evaluate whether my actions are in linewith the objectives and whether I need to make any changes. Constantevaluation of these objectives will provide a better position inattainment of my goal (Moskowitz, 2009).


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