Changing Education Paradigms

ChangingEducation Paradigms

Oneof the ways that can be used in teaching students at the FarmingdaleState College entails combining students in the same class. Ratherthan separating students, while learning, it is critical to put themin a single class. This is critical because it helps in eliminatingthe inequality among students in the same class. For instance, incase during teaching students having learning problems are isolated,they may become affected because they may think they are taughtseparately because they have problems. Besides, combining students inthe same class allows students to learn better from the fellowclassmates. Another way of teaching that can be used in teachingstudents better at the university is through the use of groups. Theuse of groups is considered critical in teaching because it helps inmaking students understand what is being taught in a better way thisis because when teaching through groups, students learn from eachother. This is because the groups contain students having differentknowledge, which implies that students can benefit from helping eachother through teaching their team members what they know. Besides,teaching through groups enhances learning because students can be ina position to learn from their team members a point that was missedin class. In addition, students can be taught in a better way at theuniversity through considering their culture.

Fromthe Steve Jobs Video, I learned different new things. One of the newthings that I learned from Steve Jobs is that it is critical to takean advantage out of an opportunity that emerges. From the video, thiscan be depicted by Steve taking an advantage of sacked time informing a new company (NeXT). Later, this company becomes acquired bythe Apple Company, a company that he had earlier been involved informing. Another new thing that I learned from Steve Jobs is that itis always to keep looking without settling. In his life, Job neverseemed to settle even after having an achievement. This can beindicated from the Jobs’ life whenever he succeeded in doing onething, he did not settle but continued to look forward( instance, after forming Apple I, he did not feel like he hadconquered the entire world, but went on to form Pixar and NeXT(, I learned that it is important to see the opportunities inthe setbacks presented by life, including death. Steve Jobs saw anopportunity in every setback presented by life. For instance, whenfaced by the challenge of death, he saw an opportunity to live againas a chance to achieve more.

Thevideo also reinforced the things that I already knew. One such thingsentails making sure that I take classes that I have an interest inand dropping the ones that I do not have an interest in this iscritical since it ensures that I engage in things that I love.Another thing that was reinforced by the video is that I shouldfollow the heart and intuition since this can help in realizing andachieving what I want to become in life. The video led to questioningwhether I am living someone’s life or own life, whether I can be ina position to change what I believe, and whether I can live today asif I am dying tomorrow.


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