Challenges Faced During the Semester

ChallengesFaced During the Semester

ChallengesFaced During the Semester


During the courseof last semester I suffered from nose bleeding from time to time.This affected my ability to concentrate in class and even in mystudies. This ultimately made me score lowly in my exam and thatexplains the reason behind my low GPA. I was forced to miss school inorder to enable me seek medical attention. Being a Chinese, myparents strongly believe in traditional Chinese medicine. I was evenforced to travel to New York at some point during the semester toseek medical attention from a Chinese traditional doctor. However, Icame to realize much later that the traditional Chinese medicine Iwas taking was having negative effects on my health. Since thenI have stopped taking the medicine and I am now okay. Not beinghealthy affected me emotionally and physically. This trickled down toaffect my studies.


Healthissues were the main reason why performed poorly last semester.However, I am now doing well since I stopped taking the traditionalChinese medicine. I hope that this will not be an issue again in thefuture. I hope to go to counseling to help me move on. I have reallyenjoyed my time and the U.S.A and my time at MSU. I hope to besuccessful in my studies so as to be able to help the society usingthe knowledge I gain from major-finance. My dream is to make theworld a better place than I found it. I hope to impact the lives ofpeople positively using knowledge gained from my field. I hope yougive me an opportunity to achieve this by wavering last semester’sgrade and give me a chance to pursue my career at MSU.