Challenges and Ways of Improving in Academics


Challengesand Ways of Improving in Academics


Academicsis essential and necessary in life, being able to have got theopportunity to study in MSU is a dream come true for me as a youngperson from China. As a student majoring in finance, being able tosucceed in my time in MSU would guarantee that I give back to mycommunity back at home. MSU is a great place to be in and the countryin general. All these dreams might not come true considering mydismal performance in academics. My poor performance is as a resultof challenges that has profoundly contributed to my low GPA. One ofthe reasons behind low performance is, lack of good time managementand study habit. Time and study habit go hand in hand, without themone can fail. As a new student, I lack awareness of resources tosupport my academic success, this resources that include counselling,advising would have been critical to good academic performance. Thedifference in education system between China and USA has made it hardfor me to adopt as many things are quite different. Another reasonbehind that poor performance is the fact that I had changed my coursefrom environmental engineering to finance.


Followingmy poor performance and having identified some of the challenges andreasons behind poor performance, I have arisen with an action planwhich I can use to improve my academic performance. In the actionplan, having a better time management and improving my study habits.Using more of school’s resources like the MSU international help,library, tutoring would help a great deal in improving myperformance. The mentality that things are a little more differentand complicated, this has been a significant barrier to me toachieving good performance. In trying to address this, I wouldembrace positivity so as to attain good performance. I have learntand understood the reasons behind my failure, and an action planwould contribute a lot to me improve. With time management, goodstudy habits and good attitude I would undoubtedly improve and dowell next semester. I would like to request the university to give asecond chance to prove myself. I believe that anyone if given asecond chance can prove to be of tremendous impact.