The Nervous System

TheNervous System Structureof Nervous System Thenervous system comprises of two parts, which are the peripheralnervous system and CNS. The central nervous system (CNS) comprises ofboth the spinal cord and brain. The bone protects these parts and thecerebrospinal fluid prevents any injury from happening to theseparts. The peripheral nervous system plays the role of connecting theCNS […]

Renaissance Humanism

RenaissanceHumanism RenaissanceHumanism RenaissanceHumanism refers to new way of thinking and understanding the worldusing the new form learned within the curriculum. RenaissanceHumanism is also the spirit of which learning was developed duringthe end of the Middle Ages as the classical letters were revived.During the same period of the middle ages, human beings gainedconfidence in which they […]

Abnormal psychology

ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY 8 Question 1 Prodromal phase of Schizophrenia This is the first phase of Schizophrenia and can last for weeks ormonths. It is mostly characterized by symptoms of the disorder whichare but not limited to loss of interest in normal pursuits,withdrawal from friends and family, confusion, spending time aloneand preoccupation with philosophy and religion […]

Leading Next Generation of Law Enforcement through the Emotional Intelligence Abstract

LeadingNext Generation of Law Enforcement through the Emotional Intelligence Abstract Thepaper first gives an overview of the article as well as some briefinformation about the author. It further highlights variousgenerations and their impacts on the law enforcement. Thesegenerations include the Baby Boomers, Y Generation, and X Generation.Baby boomers generation represents individuals born between 1946 and1964 […]

Son of God

Sonof God Formore than 2000 years of history, Christians have held differentinterpretations of the title ‘’son of God’’, which haveinvariably departed from the original Jewish meaning. To the modernChristians the title ‘son of God’ is just another word used torefer to the supreme God (Job 1:6, 38:7). This was the thought upheldin the Old Testament […]

Personal Finance

PersonalFinance Nameof Student Nameof Institution PersonalFinance Shorttermfinancerefersto moneyborrowedby an organizationwhoserepaymentlastsforone yearora periodlessthan one year.In mostcases,short-termfinancingis usedto financethecapitalneedsof an organizationthat aretemporary.Thereare severalsourcesof short-termfinances,which may includebankoverdrafts, lease,creditcard,tradecredit,as wellas short-termbankloans.With shorttermfinance,organizationshavea chanceto undertakeopportunitiesthat may comeup in thecourseof businessoperations.Suchopportunitiesmay not havebeenanticipatedin thefinancialplanof thecompany.Thispaperevaluatesthedifferent typesofshorttermfinancingoptionsforbusinesses,as wellas theadvantagesanddisadvantagesof shorttermfinancing.In addition,thepaperwill highlight thealternativesto short-termfinancingin an organization. Abankoverdraft refersto a creditextensionfrom a financialinstitutionthat […]

Moral Case for Free Markets

MORAL CASE FOR FREE MARKETS 3 MoralCase for Free Markets Accordingto Brooks, a free enterprise describes a system of values and laws,which shows respect for private property, limits governmentintervention, encourages competition, develops individualopportunity, and celebrates accomplishment on the ground of merit(Brooks,2012). One of the claims made by Brooks is that the free market hasthe capacity […]


describes an economic system, where the means of production, trade,and industry are entirely or largely owned privately and solelyoperated for the purpose of realizing profits. As such this economicsystem has a small group of individuals that have resources, who canhave the influence in the manner that different economic activitiesare carried out (Mueller62). Besides, this group […]


EXCLUSIONARYRULE Thisrule was formed to protect citizens more so suspects in a case fromillegal police searches and obtaining evidence illegally. The policeare deterred from this and thus they are forced to uphold the law.Judges are also not allowed to collaborate with the police in issuingillegal search warrants. The law protects the citizens and the policecannot […]

A Christmas Carol

A CHRISTMAS CAROL 7 AChristmas Carol AChristmas Carol AChristmas Carol was a novel published in London in 1843 and writtenby Charles Dickens. Charles Dickens was a British author who had arough upbringing as a child growing up in the U.K. At the age of 12years, Charles Dickens was forced to get a job at a […]