Democratic Way of Leadership

DemocraticWay of Leadership StudentName’s CanWe Build on Nannerl O. Keohane’s Work, Thinking about Leadership,and Thus Move from an Autocratic to a ? Problem:Mostare the times when individuals find themselves at the hands ofineffective leaders. As exhibited in the movie OfficeSpace,GibbonsPeter found himself at the hand of eight diverse managers. All themanagers were ineffective, and this […]

The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

TheNew Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander StudentName’s TheNew Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander TheNew Jim Crow by Alexander Michelle (2011) contains well thoughtargument of racial discrimination. Alexander took time, many years,to capture the ideology of racial caste in United States.Irrespective of the time, she managed to structure her ideas andcompiled them successfully. Michelle’sthesis is that […]

iPhone and Galaxy

iPhoneand Galaxy Author’sName iPhoneand Galaxy SAMSUNGAND APPLE have been competing for the best top of the line smartphonetitle for a considerable length of time. Previously, Apple`s mostrecent iPhone has won the yearly battles. Nonetheless, since thepassing of the iconic founder of Apple Steve Jobs, Apple`s lead onSamsung has gradually been wound down, with every new […]

The Exigent Circumstances Exception

THE EXIGENT CIRCUMSTANCES EXCEPTION 3 Institution affiliations The fourth amendment to the United States constitution grantsindividuals the right to be secure in their homes and protects themfrom unreasonable seizure and searches by law enforcement officerswho have not obtained a warrant (Levy, 2000). However, a number ofexceptions have been provided among them the exigent circumstancesexception whereby […]

Genetic Engineering

GENETIC ENGINEERING 10 GeneticEngineering InstitutionalAffiliations GeneticEngineering Geneticengineeringis a generictermthat isusedwhenreferringto themanipulationof organism’snucleic acid.Theorganismswhosegenes havebeenalteredby artificialmethodsfora designedeffectare referredto asgenetically modifiedorganism.Therecombinant technology in DNA (rDNA) is usedto removea particularDNA sequencefrom an organismandin theprocessintroduceitinto anotherorganism,therefore,alteringthegenotype (i.e. thephenotype) of therecipient(Shanks, 2005).Thegeneticprocessof introducinga foreignagentto anotherparticularorganismiscommonlyknownas cloning. In fact,cloning andgeneticengineeringare two termsusedsynonymously in thefieldof healthcare. Theprocessesof cloning are requiredto achieveseveralthings.First,theymust studytheexpression,regulation,andarrangementof […]


Ethical Consumerism 11 ETHICALCONSUMERISM byStudent’s name Code+course name Universityname City,State Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Ethical Consumerism 2 Ethical Consumerism Means for Businesses 3 Ethical Consumerism: TOMS SHOES 4 Company Overview 5 Ethical Issues 5 Approaches Toms Shoes Company has used to become more Socially Conscious Business 6 Consumer Buying Behavior 7 Conclusion and […]

Give it Some Thought

Giveit Some Thought Giveit Some Thought Thispaper gives an in-depth analysis of air pressure and winds. Airpressure is the force exerted by the weight of air above the surface.Scientists use a mercury or aneroid barometer to measure airpressure. A mercury barometer measures the height of the mercurycolumn in a vertical glass tube. When air pressure […]

Personal Self-Care Plan

PersonalSelf-Care Plan PersonalSelf-Care Plan Stayinghealthy is one of the starting points for a happy life. I will stayhealthy by ensuring that I take exercises daily for 30 minutes. Iwill also take a point of cycling to college and to friends place. Iwill be using the stairs instead of escalators all to ensure that Istay healthy […]

Peanut Allergies – Causes and Solutions

PEANUT ALLERGIES – CAUSES AND SOLUTIONS 7 PeanutAllergies – Causes and Solutions Author`sName InstitutionalAffiliations Apeanut allergy refers to a reaction that occurs in the human immunesystem when it identifies peanuts as a poisonous substance. When aperson eats food substances that contain peanuts, the body`s immunesystem that defends the body from infections overreacts leading to asevere […]