STATISTICS 9 Standarddeviation, median and mode Bottle No. Ounces (x-14.87) (x-14.87)^2 1 14.5 -0.37 0.1369 2 14.6 -0.27 0.0729 3 14.7 -0.17 0.0289 4 14.8 -0.07 0.0049 5 14.9 0.03 0.0009 6 15.3 0.43 0.1849 7 14.9 0.03 0.0009 8 15.5 0.63 0.3969 9 14.8 -0.07 0.0049 10 15.2 0.33 0.1089 11 15 0.13 0.0169 […]

World View Human Nature

WorldView: Human Nature WorldView: Human Nature Differentpeople have different perspectives regarding various issues. Thesevarying viewpoints are studied using a mental model known as theworldview. Therefore, worldview is a framework of attitudes and ideasabout life, a comprehensive system of beliefs, or the world (Palmer,2000). Worldview can include normative postulates or naturalphilosophy. It is an important tool […]

Managing Employees

MANAGING EMPLOYEES 4 ManagingEmployees Managingemployees of a multinational in other countries has become achallenge because there are different aspects that need to beconsidered. For instance, due to cultural differences, it may becomea challenge to manage employees. Therefore, when managing employeesin a multinational, it is important to consider three approaches. Oneof the approaches that can be […]

Health Care Informatics/ Analytic

HealthCare Informatics/ Analytic ThesisStatement:Electronic Medical Records offer greater healthcare to patientshowever, it face barriers that can be overcome through proper andappropriate strategies ElectronicMedical record (EMR) models enable a healthcare center to retrieveand store detailed patients’ information used by healthcareproviders. The system is relevant during patient`s hospitalization,across, and over time care settings. Clinical decision support andother […]

Office Information Systems

OfficeInformation Systems Nameof Student Nameof Institution OfficeInformation Systems Informationsystems are defined as a collection of hardware, software, relevantdata, individuals, and procedures devised to generate informationthat support every day long and short range activities of user withinan organization. As such there are different categories ofinformation systems classified into different categories such asoffice systems, transaction supporting systems, […]

Wangari Maathai A Woman Traveler Unit

WANGARI MAATHAI WangariMaathai: A Woman Traveler Unit WangariMaathai (1 April 1940&nbsp– 25 September 2011) gained globalprominence when she was awarded the 2004 Nobel Peace prize for hercontribution towards environmental conservation and fight fordemocratic space in Kenya and the whole world. Born and raised inrural Kenya (Africa), Wangari Maathai struggled to gain education asshe was from […]


Homerefers to any abode where any individual is comfortable in it. Thefactors that make up a home include shelter, family, and basic needs.A comfortable place where one can find peace, love also harmony canbe considered a home. A home has an implication of a being a home ifone is able to find happiness in it. […]

Modified Article Review

MODIFIED ARTICLE REVIEW 5 ModifiedArticle Review CyclingChampion Major Taylor and the African American Press.&quot by Lynne,Major Taylor Association MarshallTaylor an epitome of true greatness and bravery. Most people probablydo not know this great man. Marshall Taylor was born in Indianapolis,Indiana, in 1878. He came from a peasant family, his father, GilbertTaylor was employed by wealthy […]

Ethical Dilemma in Technology

ETHICAL DILEMMA IN TECHNOLOGY Ethical Dilemma inTechnology EthicalDilemma in Technology Technology is increasing taking over in our lives. There are varioustechnological developments today that have enhanced our lives, at thesame time presenting ethical issues. The use of autonomous roboticsby the military is one area in technology use that raises questionsof ethics. In addition, the use […]

Gwynne`s Grammar Book Critic

Gwynne`sGrammar Book Critic Gwynne`sGrammar is the work of Neville Martin Gwynne. The book is exceptionalin that is a textbook without pictures. Mr. Gwynne writes thatpictures interfere with the process of learning. Mr. Gwynne has nodenial that grammar can be horribly complex, fairly, he writes thatthe support that he offer is that of any kind of […]