Motivating Others

MOTIVATING OTHERS 4 MotivatingOthers DearTim, How to Proceed with the Hybara Casino Opportunity Theopportunity offered by the Hybara Casino is a good one however, itis critical to look at different issues prior to accepting theopportunity. One of the issues that is critical prior to acceptingthe opportunity concerns the commitment of the team members infinishing the […]

Leadership vs. Management

Leadershipvs. Management Leadershiprefers to a cooperative influence process between a follower and aleader within a bigger social scope that enhances the common goodwithin a community. A leader should have some form of influence onpeople in order to gain followers. In addition, leadership onlyoccurs when an individual uses his or her intelligence to developstrategies that a […]


Importantevents SinceDecember 22, 2014 to January 10, 2015, significant events haveoccurred in the United States. These events made national headlineson the news. The story outlined their effects and impacts especiallyon the American public. Hereare some of the events: OnDec 22, 2014, F-Squared Investments Inc. faced charges of defraudinginvestors’ through false statement about its flagship products. […]

Institution Affiliated

InstitutionAffiliated: Dateof submission: Question1: Scarcitymeans limited and unlimited resources that can never satisfy theendless people’s wants. It results in opportunity costs creatingthe need for rationality in decision-making. Resolution is throughincrease in prices of scarce goods to reduce demand and enhance theuse of alternatives. Question2: Macroeconomic aspect it is caused by aggregate fall in demand or […]

Tenets of Existential Theory

Tenetsof Existential Theory Tenetsof Existential Theory Theexperience of pain is a common and shared one across all types ofindividuals irrespective of their ways of life. Indeed, human beingsmust go through some form of pain, whether it is physical, emotional,and psychological among others. This has forced scholars andresearchers to come up with strategies and techniques through […]

Questions are in order instruction box

Questions are in order instruction box. Questionsare in order instruction box 1.How do you think the relationship between your generation and yourparents` generation differs compared to that of your parents` andtheir parents` generation? Mygeneration differs from that of my parents in that science andtechnology has improved tremendously. For instance, communication hasbeen enhanced with the internet […]

Lifting the Curtain on the Hiring Process

Liftingthe Curtain on the Hiring Process Needleman(2010) follows the sequence employers use when evaluating myriads ofapplications from prospective candidates. According to the author,the evaluation process is lengthy, and often involves three mainelimination stages. Human resource firms or first disqualifycandidates that do not meet basic qualifications for the job conductthe first phase. Second, candidates are interviewed […]

Research Topics with Explanation

ResearchTopics with Explanation ResearchTopics with Explanation Topic1: Should taxes on people making over $250,000 a year be changed? Overthe years, the gap between the rich and the poor has been gettingwider and wider. I choose this topic because I think that the gapbetween the rich and the poor should be reduced. One of the waysthrough […]