Summarize the Film

Summarizethe Film Nameof Student Nameof Institution Summarizethe Film FilmSummary Thefilm is an interview conducted by Bryan Maggie who engages HilaryPutnam on discussions regarding the philosophy of science. In thefilm, Putnam discusses what the philosophy of science entails andgives crucial information regarding this phenomenon. Putnam answersquestions pertaining the aspects of science and philosophy, whichtend to confuse […]

Happiness is Controllable

HAPPINESS IS CONTROLLABLE 3 Happinessis Controllable Happinessis Controllable Accordingto Whisenand(2011), people can control happiness as a controllable emotion. Inagreement with the Whisenand, happiness is a choice that a personmakes by understanding the circumstances that he or she faces. To behappy, I determine the things that bring happiness and practice them.I work to be in control […]

Domains of Emotional Intelligence

DOMAINS OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE 3 Domainsof Emotional Intelligence Domainsof Emotional Intelligence Accordingto Goleman (2009) the four main domains of Emotional Intelligenceform the fundamental aspects of understanding the field. One of thedomains is self-awareness. Self-awareness is the person knows,assesses and evaluates his or her emotions (Whisenand, 2011). Throughreflective moments, a person comes to his or her […]

Expectation after Doctorate

When perusing a doctorate course, one has certain goals andaspirations to acquire once complete, which are the driving force topursuit of the course. Some of my personal goals include finding awell-paying job, adding on to the present research, giving back tothe community, and enhancing personal knowledge. These goals createpersonal and society satisfaction. Doctorate studies equip […]

Disaster Control as it Relates to Hurricane Katrina Abstract

DISASTER CONTROL AS IT RELATES TO HURRICANE KATRINA 10 DisasterControl as it Relates to Hurricane Katrina Abstract Respondingto Hurricane Katrina was poor. The response was due to a failure ofmanaging different risk factors. The threats of a major hurricane tostrike New Orleans were considered for long, and there was sufficientwarning of the risk of Katrina […]

E-Bay external market analysis Unit

e-Bay industry analysis E-Bay:external market analysis Unit E-Bayis one of the world’s leading e-commerce firms. The San Jose basedfirm runs a website ( that facilitates consumer-to-consumerand business-to-consumer sales transactions. The firm has establishedother subsidiaries to serve other markets such as Australia( and the UK ( The website is uses an auctionformat that allows buyers to […]

Hearsay Case Discussion

HEARSAY CASE DISCUSSION 5 HearsayCase Discussion HearsayCase Study Discussion Hearsayevidence is a statement testimony that is presented in courtproceedings by a witness with no direct knowledge of the factualreality. In this case, the statements given by the witness areconsidered hearsay when he or she knows the facts from another personby being told (Garland, 2011). The […]

Topic Essay writing.

Amanda4 The play by William TennesseeWilliams&nbspiscenteredon a female character Amanda Wingfield and her two childrenTom and Laura. Amanda is not living with her husband, the husbandleft years ago. Amanda longs for a stable and well structured family.‘’She lives in the glory of the past and fantasy so much suchthat she lives the fantasy as a […]

Albra Khalawi

Khalawi 1 AlbraKhalawi Prof.Zonderman English2014 December4, 2014 Assignment8 Tobe able to sell out to the target market, Cordon Blue must ensure ithas sufficient and effective advertising and promotional strategies.This will help the company compete in the highly competitive foodindustry. The company will use various strategies to achieve thisgoal including advertising, consumer promotion strategies and publicrelations. […]

Media and Substance Abuse

Institution affiliation: Media and substance abuse Christensson and Henriksen (2000) conducted a research under thesponsorship of the Office of National Drug Control Policy andMediascope Macro International Inc. to find facts about the media andsubstance use. They assert that despite the fact that there isspeculation that the media, through portrayal of drugs andsubstances, has influenced many […]