Cascading Goals


Cascading goals refers to the procedure of implementing goals atdiverse levels within an organization to guarantee coalition amid theobjectives of the organization, and workers’ actions and objectives(Stiffler, 2004). To connect workers with corporate strategy,managers employ cascading of strategic goals of the organization’sseveral units. In order to applying cascading goals at the tacticallevel of the organization, it is important to target the personnel,marketing, finance and production.

Cascading goals at the tactical level involves allocating particulargoals to every person in the workforce, which backs theorganization’s strategic objectives (Stiffler, 2004). The personnelought to comprehend the actions they are supposed to execute, how tocalculate performance, and manner in which their performance willassist the organization attain its great-level targets. It isimportant to measure every goal to ensure workers are aware where tofocus their hard work. A yearly or semiyearly objective-settingprocedure is incapable of adapting to change fast (Stiffler, 2004).To ensure efficiency, goals need to be set as well as quarterlyassessed. Often determining objectives and cascading them all throughthe organization permits management to enhance workforce productivitythrough focusing persons on the actions, which directly supportstrategy. It also assists executives make sure that the wholeworkforce comprehends how their actions fit into the generalstrategy, and it allows the organization to outsmart competitionthrough hastily altering strategic direction and personal conductswhen important. Cascading makes it probable to formulate alignmentsamid the job and workforce (Stiffler, 2004). To generate optimaloutcome, management is required to allot consciously workers toopportunistic areas in the company. Business chances reflect instrategic objectives, thus if employees are assigned to roles wherethey are required most, their input will adds productively tocorporate strategy.


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