Business Proposal



Theapplication will be available as a free download from Apple appstorein iTunes. It will contain both the name of the teacher, the subjectthat he or she teaches and complaints or awards the teacher hasearned. The information will assist students to choose a lecturerthat would match their training requirements (Tyagi&amp Misra,2011).

Theapplication will contain relevant qualifications of the instructors,and students can share it using Bluetooth or drag and drop functionsof their phones.

Second,students will be sincere and open when giving their comments on theapplication. Individuals will need to open an account into the systemin order to place a comment or review any professor. This strategywill prevent malicious students from inserting untrue and misleadinginformation intended to destroy the reputation of the instructors.Anonymous comments often encourage unfounded gossips, as students maywant to taint the reputation of their lecturers (Tyagi&amp Misra,2011).

Third,the application will enhance the teachers’ responsibility sincestudents can use the platform to expose misbehaving instructors. Forexample, stories of professors caught in sex scandals involvingstudents will be published under their profiles (Tyagi&amp Misra,2011).

Fourth,the platform would be a valuable tool that students can use toimprove their quality of work through linking them with the teachers.The parties can express their concerns about the instructors (Tyagi&ampMisra, 2011). Besides, they can use the program to advise lecturerson their weak areas they would like them to improve in order toenhance the quality of services they receive.


Thecollege has signed a treaty with Apple Company to include itsapplication in the iTunes appstore. Every student with an iPhones candownload the software free.

Second,the college already has an experienced Information technology teamthat deals with developing applications. The team will be valuable,as the students will only require asking for assistance, in case,they would need special software or assistance in designing theapplication prototype.

Third,students can share the application with other iOS compatible devices.The software is a small application would be a small browser-basedaddon that students can conveniently uninstall when they no longerrequire it.

Finally,the instructors have already prepared their profiles and uploadedthem in the school website. Students will have an easy timetransferring the information from the site to the iOS application.


Tyagi,K., &amp Misra, P. (2011). Professionalcommunication.