Business letters


January17, 2015

MrsJonson Max

4526S. Paxton Street

Chicago,VI 500-600

DearMrs Johnson

Ourrecords show that you have missed four consecutive appointments.Kindly call our office and we will be happy to serve you. You canreschedule for another appointment a day that is convenience withyou. Any time a patient is unable to keep his or her appointment, weappreciate when they call in advance to cancel the appointmenthence, use that time for another patient.

Wevalue our relationship with patients and cannot express it in words.For any question, kindly contact the office through the45128-2563-123.






Cc:Medical Record Department


To:The Prime Clinic Employees

From:Maryann Jones

January 17, 2015


Lastmonth, I received a message that one of our nurses made wrongmedication to patient. In addition, it has come to my attention thatmost nurses are not taking time to come up with the correctmedication and carrying out lab test appropriately. To address thisissue, I have initiated the following remediation plans

  1. All nurses should report to work on time. Lateness will not be tolerated

  2. Every medication should be approved by the senior doctor

  3. No patient will be put on mediation prior lab tests

Infuture, a nurse who found incompetent with his or her work, seriousmeasure will be implemented. For any questions, kindly contact myoffice. Remember, our patients are our priority.

Agendafor Staff Meeting

January15, 2015


Meetingcalled by:Maryann Jones


  1. Maryann Jones- Manager

  2. Virginia Ann- Administrator

  3. Maxwell Kelvin- Patient Representative



10:00Am- 11:00Am

Review of the last meeting conducted by Maryann Jones

room SZ12


Discuss the upcoming issues conducted by Virginia Ann

Room SZ12

12:00Pm- 1:00Pm

AOB-Any other Business (Questions and Answer Panel)

Room SZ12


Lunchwill be provided