Books summary


Warand peace, a tale of two cities and pride and prejudice

Warand Peace

Warand peaceis a novel by a Russian writer called Leo Tolstoy. The book waspublished in the year 1869, and its work turns to be epic in scale.The novel outlines in details the events that surround the Frenchinvasion of Russia. It also analyzes the effect of the Napoleonic eraon the tsarist society. The novel has managed to analyze theseaspects via the eyes of five aristocratic Russian families. Thesefamilies include the Bolkonskys, the Bezukhovs, the Drubetskoys, theRostovs, and the Kuragins. The lives of the families are revealed tohave entanglements as a result of the Russia’s invasion in the year1812 by the napoleon(Tolstoy,1982).

TheBezukhovs are very rich but fragmented while the old count KirillVladimirovich is revealed to have fathered lots of illegitimate sons.The Bolkonskys are revealed as old established as well as a wealthyfamily that is based at bald hills. The old prince Bolkonskys hadserved as a general under the great Catherine in earlier wars. MoscowRostovs is revealed to possess many estates but never get enoughcash. It is, however, a closely knit and loving family who lives forthe moment irrespective of their financial situation. The Drubetskoysis revealed to be of impoverished nobility. It is composed of an oldmother and her son. The mother wishes to push the son up the careerladder. The Kuragin family is comprised of three children withquestionable character (Tolstoy,1982).

ATale of Two Cities

ATale of Two Citiesis a novel that was written in the year 1859 by Charles Dickens. Thenovel context is set in both Paris and London prior to and during theFrench revolution. It illustrates the French peasantry’s plightwhich was demoralized by the French aristocracy in the years that ledto the revolution. It also reveals brutality that was demonstrated bythe revolutionaries to the former aristocrats in the revolution’searly years. Numerous unappealing social parallels with London’slife during the same era are also covered in the novel’s work(Dickens,1902).&nbspFour themes have been revealed in the novel. They includeresurrection, social justice, water and the theme of darkness andlight. Darkness and light theme tend to symbolize&nbspevil and good.Social justice theme is expressed through mistreatments such asCharles being forced to work in a factory in his childhood. Water isdescribed as crucial energy for the unconscious which is hazardous incase of an overflow which simply describes the anger of the peasantmob. Resurrection theme is based on the Christian context just theway Jesus died to save people.

Prideand prejudice

Prideand prejudiceis a novel by Jane Austen. It was published in the year 1813. It canbe referred as manners’ novel. The entire story revolves aroundElizabeth Bennet, who is concerned in dealing with manners’ issues.These issues include the morality, upbringing, marriage and educationin the society British regency’s landed gentry. The story is set inEngland, and its timing is early 19th century. The story revolvesaround five unmarried daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. This wastriggered by the movement of Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy hisstatus-conscious friend to their neighborhood. Mr. Bingley liked theJane, the Bennet’s eldest daughter immediately while Darcy haddifficulty in adapting to the local society and repeatedly clashedwith Elizabeth, Bennet’s second eldest daughter (Austen,1900).&nbspWealth, class, marriage and self-knowledge are the novel’s mainthemes.


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