Biomedical Ethics Part 1



Ithink Dr. Jones was right to inform the parents of Mary because Maryis a minor and legally independent, which implies that she does nothave the capacity of taking care of herself. Besides, Dr. Jones wasright to inform the parents because the parents had to give consentto any treatment that he was going to propose.


Thedilemma in this case is that by informing the parents about Mary’scondition will have the result of abusing the rights of his patient.It is the right of a minor to have her/his information treated withconfidentiality especially, when the minor informs the doctor tokeep the information as a secret (Tschudin58). However, by not informing parents about the condition of Mary,Mary may suffer more because she may not be provided with the careand support she much deserves from her parents.


Byfollowing Mill’s Utilitarianism, it is right to engage in an actionthat focuses on creating happiness to a greater number. According tothe case presented, failure of Jones to inform the parents of Maryabout her condition may cause harm to Mary since she might notreceive the support and care she deserves. This may affect the childshe is carrying as well as her health. However, by informing herparents, there would be great happiness since Mary would be givensupport and care that can help in protecting her and the baby she iscarrying. Therefore, it is better to inform the parents about hercondition.


FromWarrens article, Onthe Moral and Legal Status of Abortion,abortion can be considered in some situations even though the fetushas rights to be born. Just like in the case, it is sometimes rightto break confidentiality of patients, when necessary. Besides, theidea of humanity from John Noonan’s article clearly shows why anaction should be supported. Reporting the issue to the parents is anindication of humanity, which makes it right to inform parents aboutMary’s condition.

Part5: Conclusion

Fromthe case presented, it is right for Dr. Jones to inform Mary’sparents about her condition because he will avoid causing pain toMary because she will be offered support and care from her parents,which can protect her and the baby she is carrying.


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