Biblical Worldview Essay on the Book of Roman Chapters 1-8

BiblicalWorldview Essay on the Book of Roman Chapters 1-8

BiblicalWorldview Essay on the Book of Roman Chapters 1-8

Thebook of Romans has numerous teachings regarding how Christians shouldlive and the various things that dictate their life as believers.Through chapters 1 to 8, the various aspects of Christian life suchas the perception of the natural world and Christian identity arecovered. The other main aspects of the Christian life includerelationships, civilization and culture. The first eight chapters ofRomans contain deeper information that requires proper insight inorder to properly comprehend. This paper will explore the teachingsof Paul on humanity as captured in Roman chapters 1 to 8. The areasunder probe include natural world, human identity, relationship, andculture as explicated to the Romans (Wright, 2005). The essay willthen conclude with a brief summary of the manner in which the versesof Romans 1 to 8 have changed the biblical worldview of humanity andthe natural world.

TheNatural World

Inchapter one through to chapter three, the book gives a clear accountof the natural world. The natural world was created by God and manplaced in it to enjoy in plenty from the Earth. Further, mankind hadan obligation to have a direct fellowship with God. Thus, man wouldappreciate every bit of creation in the natural world including them.God spoke the universe and everything in it comes into existence.This is affirmed given that the Bible is God’s revelation. In thebook of Romans 1:20 Paul captures that, “For since the creation ofthe world God’s invisible qualities – His eternal power anddivine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from whathas been made, so that people are without excuse (Wright, 2005).”This means that God manifests Himself through creation and theindividuals who sin have no excuse before His judgment seat giventhat they saw Him, but did not receive Him. Although God created theworld, it emerges that mankind chose to turn their back from God andopted to instead fellowship with other beings hence embracing sin andthus deserves death.


Thehuman identity according to Christianity is Christ like. This meansthat the identity is based in knowing Christ and understanding thetrue nature of a man. This affirmed by the fact that we are made inthe image of God. In Romans 7: 25, Paul captures that human arejoined to the Father in a spiritual chord through the son, Jesus(Wright, 2005). Further our identity is manifested through fellowshipwith the creator. In identifying our level of righteousness we are toseek God’s guidance as captured in Romans 3:10-11 “We see that weare not righteous whatsoever (Rom 3:10) and that we don’t seek God(Rom 3:11).” Hence this versus alludes that we are inadequate inour spiritual nourishment and that there is certain things that wecannot fix unless with the help of Christ who will ensure that we aresanctified (Romans 8:30).

Humanidentity comes out as sinful in nature as Paul states that mandescends from Adam who is sinful. We are portrayed as individuals whoare wicked but at the same time urged to refrain from our wickednature. According to Paul in Romans 5-6 we are to be vessels ofrighteousness under the Grace of God but not law (Wright, 2005).Human beings comes out as judgmental in nature and Paul reminds theRomans not to judge others given that God is not bias and that humanbeings are all sinners and that punishment from God will be asnecessary with no biases or favoritism (Wright, 2005).


Therelationships of humans are not easily understood and defined giventhe parameters in which they are premised. The human relationshipaccording to Paul comes out as being sinful against each other ascaptured in Romans 1:21-32. Paul states that the sins we commitappear to be in two dimensions, there is sin that we commit againsteach other while there is sin that human commit against their ownsouls and bodies (Wright, 2005). Committing sins against each otheris going against God’s will and destroying our relationship withHim as human beings are made in the image of God. Further, committingsins against the body is deteriorating the human relationships withthemselves and God as the temple of God is defiled.


Theaspect of culture is clearly captured in Romans 3:28-30,

“Forwe maintain that a person is justified by faith apart from the worksof the law. Or is God the God of Jews only? Is he not the God ofGentiles too? Yes, of Gentiles too, since there is only one God, whowill justify the circumcised by faith and the uncircumcised throughthat same faith.”

Throughthis verse, we get an insight on the perception of God on His people.This verse maintains that God do not only save the Jew. Thus, for Godthe critical issue is the faith which He uses to ensure that theyrepent and not the use of racial inclination (Wright, 2005). It isevident that the Jews were so much guided by the law and did not payattention to living in Godly manner or being guided by teachings fromBible. Hence, Paul reiterates that God do not save based on race buton grace. Romans 2:14-15 explains the fact that if humans are nonerighteous and at the same time do not seek guidance from God then thelaws that guide the individuals in civilization would automaticallylack any sense of morality (Wright, 2005).


Inconclusion, the paper has covered the natural world, human identitybefore their creator, the relationships that humans have as well ashow they treat others in relationships. Further, the paper hasfocused on the culture in regards to the perception of world or ourworld view. Therefore, as a Christian after identifying the God’screation in the natural world as a fellow man and identifying histrait as sinful, I have to ensure that such a person maintains theirrelationship with God and advise for seeking of God’s grace. Otherindividuals are made too in God’s image and therefore needs respectand be treated in the same manner as one would treat the Father.Hence we are all equal before God and should not be judgmental thoughour nature. All humans given that they are descendant of Adam aresinful and should strive to seek righteousness. Humans can easilydiscern what is good from what is wrong given that the laws of Godare written in each and every heart.


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