Banning Unnecessary Air Travel

BanningUnnecessary Air Travel

Sincethe onset of the 21stcentury, issues relating to global warming have become key area offocus to many governments and stakeholders across the globe. Thisarise due to the increasing number of negative effects brought aboutby global warming such as the 2010 earth quake in Haiti and 2013Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, all of which left deaths,destructions among other forms of human suffering in their wake. Toprevent occurrence of such events in the future, there is the need tocurb on the level of carbon emissions, considered as the leadingcause of global warming. It is in this light that, the paper willhighlight the reasons why all non-essential use of aircraft should bebanned, with the aim of preserving our natural world.

Althoughconsidered as one of the safest methods of travel, air transport isthe leading emitter of carbon gas to the atmosphere, thus greatlycontributing to global warming (Tony1).Due to competition between airlines plying different routes acrossthe globe, air fares have significantly reduced, thus making airtravel to become affordable to many people. This way they opt to useair travel instead of other environmentally friendly means such asroads among others. Increased number of flights results to moredamage to the environment as aviation exhausts are released at higherattitudes where the impact to global warming is higher (Tony1).

Itis also notable that, increased traffic at major airports such asHeathrow airport among others has led to the need of their expansion,the latest one being that of Hamad International Airport in Qatar(Kovessy 1). Other major airports such as Heathrow airport are alsoslated for expansion, although this has been met by criticism fromvarious groups of environmental campaigners (BBC 1). By expanding theairports, traffic to these airports will increase both in the shortand the long-term, thus translating to more pollution.

Withthese facts in mind, it is thus important for stakeholders to ban allnon-essential use of aircraft. This is due to the fact that, airtraffic will significantly reduce, thus low number of aircraftsplying from one area to the other, as well as reduced need ofexpanding airports. By doing this, devastations arising from globalwarming will be minimized, thus preserving our natural world.


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