Assignment-The Arrogance of Power

Assignment-TheArrogance of Power

Americansact in an aggressive manner whenever they visit foreign countrieshence, portraying arrogance of their superpower. According toFulbright(2),America is one of the most fortunate nations in the world. It hasfertile territory, developed areas due to relative peace, talentedand diverse population, and devised institutions. The author arguesthat American face the danger of losing its entire perspective as perhistorical overview this is highly attributed to Americans’arrogance, which they display due to their power realm. This aspecttends to be evident in other great nations that were once in the samesituation as America but their efforts adversely declined, and theyended up falling. Americans tend to assume that their superpower is agift and virtue from God (Kagan,59).They always equate their duties with that of God the author states,&quotLord may not choose the person as an agent and deny them asword to use in fighting His will.&quot Fulbright(28) believes that, the Americans are likely to embark on campaignsthat are likely to dominate the world in a dictatorship manner justlike Napoleon and Hitler did. In this context, Americans always tryto display different attitudes on their innocence when both at homeand abroad.

Inmost cases, Americans show their arrogance when they are in foreigncountries they always behave in a certain manner, which is alsoportrayed in their homeland. The author compares the characters ofAmerican and Japanese when abroad in terms of their display andinnocence. Japanese are ever neatly dressed and behave in a mannerthat neither annoy nor attract others’ attention. When Americansare in foreign lands they display offensive characteristics, behavein a conspicuous manner, stamp around in waiting bays wearing sloppyclothes, take alcohol, and often shout recklessly. They often act asif they belong to the richest and biggest country in the worldhence, luring locals to imitating such behaviors.

Again,Americans tend to act as though they belong and own various places inforeign lands whenever they are abroad. This is highly attributed tothe fact that most Americans dominate a large portion of the foreigncountry economy. For instance, they control most of the adverts onthe billboards with their diverse products. In addition, theysometimes have their soldier’s station in the foreign country, andeven if such stations do not exist, the vast population of thecountry believes that their survival and safety depends on theAmericans. The author argues and strongly believes that that thearrogance of Americans emanate from the knowledge of the power theyhold.

Undoubtedly,many Americans strive to remain a superpower nation as well as gaincontrol of the entire world. The author reveals on how Americansportray their superpower even when on foreign lands. They always feelspecial and undermine other nations this is because they are richand often extend support to foreign countries. The author argues thatAmerica will soon overrule and control the entire world however,this may not be true. Currently, many countries have well-developedstructures that help them understand their boundaries and whatAmericans do and do not offer. It will therefore be difficult for theAmericans to use their arrogance in realm of power to dictate othernations.


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