Article To see America, Be a Traveler, Not a Tourist


Article:To see America, Be a Traveler, Not a Tourist





Travellingcan be fun and educative. It is a practice of locomotion to andexploration of foreign lands and people’s inner lives. The practicehas been a source of a dense number of explorations and discoveriesworldwide from the ancient times to the present. According to StAugustine (cited in Lonely Planet, 2011), the world equates to a bookand those who don’t travel read just a single page. Suchactualizations have shaped my exploration practices. The discussionbetween Philip Caputo and William Heat-Moon, To See America, Be aTraveler, Not a Tourist draws on the subject of travel (New YorkTimes, 2013). It is a vivid and condensed illustration to thevitality and benefits of travelling. The following discussion drawson the diverse area of travel briefly enumerating the individualexperiences, interests, and the need for travel.

Travelhas existed since the beginning of time, people trying to find newavenues for survival, better life, and happiness. Travel has been myway to relax, have fun, explore, learn, and grow individually. Todate, it has accounted for the greatest percentage to how I view theworld and the people in it. Precisely, to appreciate and accept thecreation. Firstly, travel has offered an opportunity to mingle withpeople of diverse origin, race, and ethnic affiliations includingnations and get acquitted of their customs and knowledge. Still, ithas instilled the characteristics of open-mindedness and diversifyingmy search for knowledge and understanding free of criticism and bias.

Inaddition, the art of recording and careful evaluation of occurrencesand findings have been necessitated by exploration. It has more tolearning than mere observation. It has dawned the deep imperfectionsin making judgments, unreasonable criticism and bias in me.

Icannot in any way underrate the lessons acquired from travel. Infact, they have laid the ground for effective and efficientmanagement and conduct as a future tourism/ hospitality businessleader. It’s eminent that the field of tourism and hospitalitygrows bigger by day. Hence, taking advantage of the area would be asignificant step in any business. It would involve awareness,promotion and use of technology that constitute the cornerstone tothe inner need for exploration. According to Hofstii and Kooij(2013), travelling is an integral component of the tourism industrythat undisputedly is an international business related toglobalization.

Inconclusion, road travelling that closely relates to tourism is indeedan avenue of self-actualization and personal development. It is anunending journey to unlocking new potentials not only in the businessworld, but also in the hospitality scenes. Arguably, the extent forthis art is infinite. Therefore, people ought to seek more.


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