Article Summary High Blood Pressure


ArticleSummary: HighBlood Pressure

Kokkinos,P. Et.Al (2009). PhysicalActivity In The Prevention And Management of High Blood Pressure.HellenicJ Cardiol2009 50: 52-59. Accessed on 20January2015 from,

Themain aim of this article is the assessment of the efficacy as well asthe safety of exercise for the purpose of managing high bloodpressure and its consequences. This is based on the premise that,people suffering from high blood pressure are now estimated to beover 1 billion, with 7.1 million deaths on annual basis. It is clearthat, in contrary to the past believes, physical activities have agreat impact in reducing cases of hypertension, especially in theinitial stage.

Forpatients with at least stage 2 hypertension, there is the need tocombine mediation with exercise, thus being able to decrease the sideeffects. From this article, it is notable that 26% of individuals whoare pre-hypertensive have LVH (Left ventricular hypertrophy). Forthis group, a physical activity which comprises of 30-40 minute walkwill help to reduce the growth of LVH. Generally, as advocated bythis article, the need of regular exercise as a part of lifestylemodifications is significant in the reduction of high blood pressureacross people of all ages.