Article review Avoid being ‘the terminator’

Articlereview: Avoid being ‘the terminator’

Articlereview: Avoid being ‘the terminator’

Thearticle “Avoid being ‘the terminator’ was written by StephanieDavis and published by Ophthalmology Times on October 1, 2007. Themain focus of the article is the termination of employees, which isassociated with several problems, including the lawsuits against theemployer. The author presents the article from the legal point ofview, thereby trying to enlighten employees in ways that they can useto avoid terminations that can result in litigation. However, theprimary interest of Davis is to show employees how they can avoidrecruiting bad employees, which is among the most effective ways ofreducing their chances of becoming ‘terminators’.

Oneof the major strengths of the article is that Davis managed toidentify the problem and provided all the viable solutions to theproblem. According to Davis, termination of employees is a seriousproblem for employers since it can result in lawsuits against them.Davis provides some solutions to this problem, which include theproper screening of potential employees in order to avoid hiring bademployees and adding a new set of skills to employees who havealready been hired. However, the article has a major weakness, whichis the lack of empirical evidence to support the assertions made bythe author. Throughout the article, Davis gives very important ideas(such as the relationship between the employee screening and theprobability of hiring competent employees), but he fails to supportthese ideas with previous studies. In addition, Davis relied on theopinions (not a study or research) of single author named CarolPoindexter. A single reference for an article of this size is quitelimited, implying that it would be advisable to include the studiesof more than one author.


Davis,S. (2007). Avoid being ‘the terminator’. OphthalmologyTimes32 (19), 86-87.