Article analysis Graphene Materials


Articleanalysis: Graphene Materials


Articleanalysis: Graphene Materials

Thearticle “Bendy gadget future for graphene” is an article by JasonPalmer that talks about a material referred to as graphene that wouldbe essential in manufacturing transparent and flexible high-speedelectronics. This article is intended or rather targets physicianswho are interested in materials related to electronics. According toJason, graphene is incredible for its characteristics that includemechanical and electronic properties but he insists that it`s hard tomanufacture in bulk due to scarcity (Jason, 2009). For graphene to beapplicable, it has to be produced in larger sheets and ensure thatthe smaller samples maintain their high quality. Jason providespictures of structures of films made of graphene which illustrateshow they can be controlled by having a nanometer scale pattern withinthe plates made of nickel. The purpose of the graphene materials isto speed up research and bring the researchers closer to realapplications (Jason, 2009).

Thesecond article, “Nonlinear optical and optical limiting propertiesof graphene families” by Miao, Zhan and Chen talks about theproperties of graphene material. The target audience for this articleis to describe the key components of graphine materials thatresearchers ought to have knowledge on. The two properties OL and NOLhave been observed by researchers for three kinds of nanostructuresrelated to graphene (Miao et. al, 2010). The nanostructures includeGONRs, GNRs and GNSs. The method, that was used to study OL and NLOproperties in the samples, is referred to as the open-aperture Z-scanmethod. The GONRs, according to Miao et al., portray weak effects ofOL and NLO ranging at 532nm and 1064nm respectively (Miao et. al,2010). The purpose of the article is to illustrate the properties ofgraphene materials further and show their results.

Thetwo articles speak about graphene materials and their properties. Thefirst article talks about features that are observed in structures offilms while the second article talks about the limiting properties.The articles intend to display the physical and chemical propertiesof graphene materials and how they were observed and discovered.Jason shows it in structures of film while Miao and his group focuson the chemical properties.


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