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ByJanuary 2013, President Obama had been reelected as the President ofthe United States of America. His efforts on fighting terrorism andthe economy were considered the main aspects that the votersconsidered. By January, his approval rating was 49.1% while thedisapproval rating was 46%. This poll matched the reelection sincemany Americans were optimistic of the continued changes that he wouldmake in America (,2013).

InMay 2013, Obama made an announcement that the war on terror had beencompleted and that the US would not wage war but focus on specificnetworks that were determined to destroy the US. This was a positiveevent by Obama since most Americans saw war on terror as one of themajor areas that the government should focus in its fight againstterrorism. According to the poll conducted, 53% of the Americansapproved while 45% disapproved his step towards terrorism. Theapproval rating matches the event, showing how Americans wereimpressed by the Actions of the president.

InAugust 2013, there were controversies on the terror attack in Lybiaand a leak investigation by the Associated Press journalists.Generally, this was negative since the president had promised ofpositive expectations on terrorism. The presidents rating dropped abit to 50% while the disapproval rose to 50%. The approval ratingdoes not match the event since the disapproval rating should havedropped drastically due to the issue on terrorism (Huffingtonpost,2013).

InSeptember 2013, Obama decided to slash all the military aid to theEgyptian army. This was not a nice move, since the Egyptian armydepended highly on the US for their support. In the researchconducted, President`s approval rate was 38.5% while the disapprovalrate was 54.3%. The approval rating matches the event, since everyoneexpected the president to provide support to other governmentsfighting for security for their people (Huffingtonpost, (2013).

InNovember 2013, Obama announced a healthcare rollout on medicalpolicies to all Americans. This was a positive move by the presidentin ensuring that the disadvantaged in the American society get accessto healthcare. However, the approval rating by the Americans droppedsignificantly to 42% while disapproval rating rose to 54%. Theapproval rating does not match the healthcare policy since thehealthcare policy was a positive move by the president in ensuringthat even the disadvantaged in the society have an access tohealthcare (, 2013).

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