Art history essay

There are various factors that are considered while assessingwhether a piece of art of beautiful or aesthetic. Various factorssuch as color, texture, balance and rhythm must be considered whendetermining whether a piece of art is beautiful. Artists have arguedthat for a piece of art to be considered as beautiful, it must beunique in its conception and execution. In other words, the artistmust produce a piece of art such as a painting that is eye catchingand that portrays a new idea. Additionally, artists have also arguedthat a piece of art must engage the audience and create long lastingmemory. A beautiful piece of art will engage the audience in amillion levels and it creates a positive and long lasting memory. Forinstance, if the piece of art is a painting, it must have a themethat engages the viewer and creates positive memories. A paintingthat has a theme of marriage and it is presented to newlywed couplewould engage the couple in a million levels and would create longlasting positive memories.

A beautiful piece of art work must also have originality. Researchhas also indicated that a piece of art must be identified with thetime it was created and must also be identified with a particularartist. The originality of art creates passion for the art to theaudience and makes a person to only go for that particular piece ofart due to passion and its identifiable nature. Whether it is apainting, sculpture, printmaking or craft, originality must beimminent. Research has indicated that majority of the artists todayfind it hard to be original and only reproduce earlier works of art.It is also evident that a good and beautiful piece of art must havevision and must have a balanced medium. In other words, the piece ofart must have a way of getting the point across.

A beautiful piece of art work must also be bold, enlightening,challenging and honest in its meaning. Beautiful art is meaningfuland therefore enlightening. The piece of art that is regarded asbeautiful must also be bold in its meaning and theme. In other words,the message that the art work is putting across must be visible andimminent. The people must be in a position to identify the art workwith simplicity. The color of a piece of art work such as a paintingmust be balanced. For an artwork to be regarded as beautiful, it musthave the correct texture and also contrast.

There are various great pieces of art that have been made by humansfor thousands of years. The Mona Lisa is one of the best knownpieces of art in history. It is one of the portraits that are mostvisited and sung about in recent history. It is half portrait of awoman which was painted by Leonardo da Vinci between the years 1503and 1506. Sunflowers is also another painting that was done in1888 and it is considered a masterpiece. It was done by Vincent Vanand it is oil in canvas painting. It is considered one of the topfive great works of art in the last 600 years. The Card Playersis a series of painting by Paul Cézanne, which were done inthe 1890s. The paintings have also been considered as being originaland ingenious hence making it to the top five great works of art inthe last 600 years. Michelangelo’s Pieta is yet anotherpainting that has captured the imagination of many people. It is apainting of Mother Mary holding the crucified son and it has beenconsidered as a great piece of art. Lastly, The Ecstasy of St Thereseof Avila is a masterpiece work of art. It was done by Bernini and hasbeen regarded as a work that inspired current and future generations.