Argumentative Essay



Red,Red Rose” byRobert Burns is a love poem that the author intended it should besung. Robert makes effective use of various stylistic devices indescribing to the girl the amount of love that he has for her. Themanner in which she addresses the lady is convincing and the re islikelihood that she would win her heart. In the first stanza, Robertuses similes where he compares his love to melody and a rose. Such acomparison will obviously make the young lady feel special about herand it is likely that she will fall for the guy. In the secondstanza, she describes the young girl as a bonnie, French word thatmeans good. In this stanza, the poet makes the young lady special byusing a French word, further convincing her about his love for her(Kirszner, 2012).

Thethird stanza is the one that the poet has effectively used hyperbolesin describing his love for the young girl. He describes how he willlove the girl until the seas dry, rocks melt, and the sands of lifeshall run. This is an hyperbole and an exaggeration of the feelingsof the poet towards the girl, which are impossible in real life butthe poet uses them to show how impossible is for his love to end. Inthe last stanza, the poet reinstates his love for the lay and statesthat even though he might be going, she should not get worriedbecause he will come back. Analysis of this poem shows how the poethas used various stylistic devices in the most effective way intrying to win the heart of a young lady (Kirszner, 2012).


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