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Theessay disapproves operation of marine parks, since they interferewith animals’ natural habitats, and affect adaptation, growth, andadaptation. While proponents support financial returns from tourismand research advancement using animals in marine parks, the essaydemonstrates the financial irrelevance of marine parks and theinconsequentiality of marine park animals in research due to alterednatural habits and poor living conditions. The essay discourages anddisapproves operation and justification of marine parks for tourismand research.


Marineparks establish efficient conditions for interacting and learningabout marine life. They bring marine life closer to people, and makeit possible to extend marine life to dry lands, towns, and otheruninhabitable places by dolphins and whales.


Marinelife secluded to the sea, limits human-animal integration andresearchers’ exposure to unique and beneficial traits ofadaptation, communication, and intelligence. Parks break sea barriersand bring marine life closer, and at beneficial environments tohumans. This promotes marine tourism on dry land, and enhancesobservational research, hence empowering people with defense,training, and integration skills with dolphins and whales. Additionally, scopes of study are minimized to enhance accuracy andefficiency. Although marine animals in the world can be studied, theexpanse of the sea increases scope and efficiency challenges.


Marineparks are essential for promoting human-animal integration, reducingscope of research, and breaking natural barriers, which interferewith effectiveness and convenience.

Sourcesof Knowledge and Alternatives to Belief

Inthe book, the author claims that realities and perceptionsexperienced firsthand serve as the best sources of knowledge. Theyexpose people to facts, which help in the generation of supportiveinformation aimed at enhancing belief and conviction in the existenceor absence of specific things. The author argues that other thanbeliefs, logic, critical and creative evaluation skills are requiredto evaluate appropriateness of contents, hence generating a newperception and line of thought.


Criticalthinking is inspired by the ability to apply logic, rationalreasoning, and beliefs to formulate convincing and factual statementsaimed at generating an informed view and perception of contentiousissues.