Analysis of Americas Presidential Approval Rating.


Analysisof Americas Presidential Approval Rating.

TheAmerican people are asked once in a while to judge how well thecurrent administration is doing in terms of discharging its duties tothe citizens. The residents are also requested to rate theirpresident. They are to either approve or disapprove the president interms of the actions he takes. In the recent past, a number of eventshave had an impact on the president’s approval ratings (Fatcheck2012). The results have been both positive and negative.

In2009 when Obama was sworn in for his second term, he enjoyed anapproval rating of 73% in relation to the citizen’s views. Theywere of the opinion that the president understands their problems andcan relate to them (Amadeo 2014). 60% also approved the president andagreed that he is honest and trustworthy. One event that caused adrop in the approval ratings is the revelation that NSA was spying onthe American people. The people were dissatisfied that the governmentwas invading their private space. That dropped Obama’s approvalrating by 3%.

Anotherevent that was a blow to the Obama administration was the disastrouslaunch of the healthcare website by the government (Whitehouse 2014).The American people saw this as an unnecessary use of the taxpayer’smoney and a way of avoiding the larger issue of healthcare provision.It resulted in a 4% drop in the president’s job approval ratings.

TheIRS treatment of the conservatives is yet another factor that causeda decline in the president’s approval ratings. The American peoplewere opposed to the treatment that the conservatives received fromthe IRS,which is a government institution (Beekley 2012). The peoplehold the opinion that the government ought to protect all peopleindiscriminately. The event resulted in an 8% drop in the approvalratings.

Geographyplays a crucial role in the approval ratings. In the last year, thepresident was more accepted in the towns and cities as opposed to thesuburbs. In the suburbs, the presidenthasdropped from 45% to 37%. Itmay be because the Americans who reside in suburbs feel that thegovernment is more concerned with the cities. The president has alsochanged how the people view the White House and its way of doingthings (Mediamatters 2014). Obama was the first president to appearon a late night show. That won the hearts of many and boosted hisapproval ratings since the people felt he was a president they canrelate with.


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