Alice in Wonderland


Alicein Wonderland


Theplay “” was written by Lewis Carroll. The playhas been part of many young children`s lives. Most people view it asjust a tale but to my understanding after I attended the playperformance it is much deeper than that. Alice, who is the centralcharacter, is looking for her identity by understanding some rulesand games that most people enjoy. The play shows some correlation onhow every child grows from childhood to becoming an adult. The playbegins by showing Alice as a curious child who falls asleep and herimaginations are wild. She dreams that she has a world of her own. Inthe dream, she saw a white rabbit. Due to her curiosity, she startschasing the rabbit but accidentally falls only to find herself in ahole with unfamiliar creatures. The first creature she encounters isa doorknob that talks to her. The creature helps her into theWonderland.

Inthe play, Alice meets Tweedledee and Tweedledum, who narrated to herstories. One of the stories that these creatures narrate is about thecurious Oyster. The primary objective of their story was to cautionon how curiosity can lead one to a disaster. Throughout the play,Alice goes through some physical changes that make her feeluncomfortable. At some point, she is sad and frustrated due to thesechanges. She even seems to deny the differences by trying to maintainher original size but with a lot of difficulties. The first instancewhere she is upset with her body is where she finds herself grown upand was not supposed to enter the garden. Later in the play, she isnot comfortable with her neck and claims that it has become long.

Inthe play, Alice encounters a number of challenges that she finds nosolution. In real life, they show how expectations are frustrated.Challenges frustrate her over and again. She found it difficult tocomprehend the Caucus race and even the Mad Hatter`s riddle. The playshows the gradual process of transition from childhood to adulthoodand how responsibilities shift. At the end of the play, Aliceovercomes her challenges and accepts her physical changes andidentity. She also overcame the fear of taking responsibilities. Theexperiences that Alice encountered helped her to become more mature.