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December4, 2014


Tobe able to sell out to the target market, Cordon Blue must ensure ithas sufficient and effective advertising and promotional strategies.This will help the company compete in the highly competitive foodindustry. The company will use various strategies to achieve thisgoal including advertising, consumer promotion strategies and publicrelations.


Thecompany will use different media platforms for advertising. The mosteffective advertising media that will be useful for the company willinclude bill boards in major intersection points across New York Cityand in particular Manhattan. This will enable Cordon Blue to be knownto the greater population of New York as a French restaurant ofchoice. In addition the company will make advertisements in the NewYork Times in order to reach a huge population since the newspaperhas a wide readership.

Theinternet is also a popular platform for business to advertise. CordonBlue will take advantage of the internet to advertise its business.Adverts will appear on various websites related to the food andtravel and tour industries. This will target tourists searching forplaces in New York or in the U.S particularly from France. Since theinternet use has increased tremendously over the year, this platformwill be used extensively to market the restaurant both locally andinternationally.


Socialmedia offers a platform for business to market and promote theirproducts for free. Social media offers real time interaction withstakeholders. Cordon Blue will use social media including Facebook,twitter and Instagram to promote its brand, interact with customersthrough responses to feedback or inquiries made by customers. Thecompany can know where to improve and what customers really wantthrough social media platforms. Also customers can be informed aboutprices and current offers. The first 60 days prior operation willhelp establish a huge publicity and will afterwards be able to keeptrack of the customers visiting the restaurant.


Thecompany will utilize a variety of consumer promotion strategies.First, the company will make offers on French cuisine so as toattract locals and make them have an experience with the cuisine. Inaddition, Cordon Blue will give samples to locals of its mainproducts so as they can have free experience of the French cuisinefor free during the first 60 days of operation.

Afterwards,the company will be able to make offers to customers who come to therestaurant. For example, the company will provide free meal for threeconsecutive purchases of their products.


Tobe able to reach people around New York, the restaurant will sponsordifferent events in the city. Cordon Blue will sponsor a weight lossprogram as a form of promoting its healthy foods. Also cookingcompetitions will enhance an understanding of the business to thepublic, increasing publicity and interest in their foods.


Publicrelations or PR as its commonly known entails establishing a goodrelationship with stakeholders including customers, employees, theauthorities and the community at large. Cordon Blue will first hold agrand launch ceremony for its restaurant. This will increase publicawareness of the existence of the restaurant and what it provides. In addition, it will sponsor events such as weight loss programs andcooking competition as part of PR.