Advanced Writing in the Business Administration Professions

Advanced Writing in the BusinessAdministration Professions

Advanced Writing in the BusinessAdministration Professions

Advancedwriting in the Business Administration Professions is a discipline inthe health sciences. Advanced writing basically focuses on writing indifferent disciplines. The unique thing about it is that the studentswho take a course in advanced writing in any discipline will read andhave discussions about writings written and produced by scholars andprofession about that specific discipline.

The students who take any course in advanced writing do a lot ofwriting and will always be engaging in discussions during class time.The discussions will be about each other’s work. Every writing isunique to its own discipline. Business Administration Professions aredisciplines that are business oriented.

Thiscourse is one that provides instructions about writing for businessAdministration profession. There will be emphasis on the writing. TheStudents will be expected to practice on their writing skills. Sincethis is about business administration, the writing will be all aboutit. Students will write proposals, letters and present reports andpresentations in class about this specific discipline. In this coursethe student should be very careful and vigilant. The students willeach be given an opportunity to present their works and discuss themwith the class.

Thiscourse is essentially about reading and writing. Reading is defined,in the Oxford Dictionary, as action of reading. From a personal pointof view I think that reading is as skill of interpreting a text outloud or in your head. In the Oxford Dictionary, Writing is defined asthe skill or action of writing. From my own understanding I thinkthat writing is the process of putting symbols and letters down tofor meaningful words that can be interpreted by the human mind. Thiscourse also involves on reflection of the student’s writing. In TheOxford dictionary Reflection is defined as a serious thought orconsideration. My own understanding of the word is that one reads thewords he or she has written and carefully thinks about them.Thisconcept is very important to this course because it enables thestudent to understand it better.

Thecourse also needs the student to be vigilant and careful when doinghis or her writing. The Oxford Dictionary defines careful as showingthought and attention. From a personal perspective being carefulentails paying close attention to what you are writing and makingsure that they are consistent with what is expected. Being vigilant,according to the Oxford Dictionary, is defined as keeping carefulwatch for possible danger. I personally would define it just likethat because it is essential that one is careful in order to avoidmaking mistakes in the writing.

Asa student it is a requirement that one engages in extensive researchand also read extensively on the professional published works on thecourse title. This will ensure that the writings submitted are fromreliable sources and this will enhance the validity of the factsstated. This course will enhance the student’s writing skills. Isee this as the primary objective of this course. I see the Secondaryobjective is to enhance the student’s reading skills.

Inconclusion I can simply say that this course is about vigilantresearching and reading of professional works on businessadministration professions and carefully writing your thoughts.