Action Plan to Improve My GPA Number

ActionPlan to Improve My GPA


ActionPlan to Improve My GPA



Ithas been my desire to excel in my studies and achieve the best gradesin my studies one of the key challenges that hampered my performanceacademically is the psychological disturbance that was caused by myfrequent thoughts of my serious ailing father. This situation back athome, made it hard for me to concentrate in my studies and in turnthe poor grades and low GPA score. Despite the desire to perform,better academically, my father’s condition has frequently been achallenge psychologically.

Indecisionin selectingmy career choice

Ihave been looking forward to change my current major (HotelManagement) into a Business Course which has been my desireddiscipline of study. Since my early ages, my major desire is toperform excellently in business, and would like to pursue a major inthe business section. This has somewhat contributed to my poorgrades.

Challengeswith particular subject matter

Chemistrysubject has been a challenge to my performance. The subject has beena constant in my current major, despite not being one of my favoritesubjects. This has contributed to my dismal performance and in turnthe poor grades in the subjects.


Amlooking forward to reverse the poor academic grades, and am lookingforward to perform better in future. One of the major positives towars my action plan for better grades academically has been boostedby the getting better of my father. This has in turn been a bigrelief, and I can now fully concentrate in my studies. On the hand, Iwould kindly request to be allowed to change my major from thecurrent hotel management, and be allowed to choose a business coursewhich has been my area of interest.

Inaddition, I promise to make effective use of MSU facilities toimprove my performance. These include the school’s internationalhelp, library, TA, counseling unit, as well as using the tutoringservices to focus more on my studies and improving of my GPA. Sincerelocating to the United States, I have learned a lot, I love myschool MSU, and the country (USA) at large. Finally, I look forwardto achieve the best academically, I dream of one day to help thesociety with the gained knowledge.