A Scenario for Telephone Etiquette Registering a Patient

AScenario for Telephone Etiquette: Registering a Patient

AScenario for Telephone Etiquette: Registering a Patient

Patientregistration is an important step that takes place soon after thepatient has made the first schedule with ABC Hospital. The process ofpatient registration involves the collection of significantinformation about from the client and the creation of a medicalrecord for them (Oregon Health Science University, 2015). Thisscenario involves a conversation between me and the patient namedPeterson, who wants to be registered at ABC Hospital via telephone.

Me:Good afternoon and thank you for calling ABC Hospital. You arespeaking to Sheila, the hospital secretary. May I be of help to youtoday?

Client:My name is Peterson, and I am calling to request for the registrationvia telephone. I am sorry because I will not be able to come to thehospital at the moment.

Me:Never mind, I am at your service. Have made your first schedule?

Client:Yes. My first schedule is this Wednesday.

Me:Thank you for informing me. In that case, I will ask you somequestions that will help me collect the necessary details of yoursuccessful registration.

Client:Okay. Thank you.

Me:Kindly let me know your full legal name plus the sir name if you haveone.

Client:My name is Peterson, H. Brown.

Me:Perfect. What is your birth date?

Client:I was born on March 28, 1988.

Me:What is your street address, Mr. Peterson?

Client:My address is 316 Park Ave R34246, New York, NY 20004-1603.

Me:Great. Kindly let me know your work or home.

Client:Can I give you my cell phone number instead?

Me:That will be alright Mr. Peterson.

Client:My cell phone number is 917-665 6657.

Me:That is great, and what is your Social Security number?

Client:My Social Security number is 123-465-7980.

Me:I am asking you this because the Social Security number helps usconfirm your identity, but the number is not used for any otherpurpose. In addition, our staff will require you to confirm theSocial Security number any time you call us in the future. I hopethat is okay with you?

Client:Yes. Thank you.

Me:Perfect. Kindly inform me the name of your insurance company, name ofthe insured person as it appears in the insurance policy.

Client:My insurance company is the United Health Group, and the name of theinsured person is Peterson H. Brown.

Me:Regards. Can you hold for a moment, please? I have a caller on theline.


Me:Thank you.

(Theclient is put on hold, and takes a message from the caller regardingthe change of address that the caller had registered earlier. Returnsto the client after one minute).

Me:Mr. Peterson, are you still on the line?


Me:Thank you for holding. Let us proceed from where we reached. What isthe policy’s mailing address and the insurance policy number?

Client:My insurance policy number is 365M59667. For the mailing address, Iuse the same address as I provided you earlier that is, 316 Park AveR34246, New York, NY 20004-1603.

Me:Which of the two (Medicaid and Medicare) medical programs, do you useand what your card number?

Client:I am registered with Medicaid, and my card number is 06002211443.

Me:Thank you for the information, and do you need any special service,such as stretchers access or an interpreter?

Client:No. Thank you.

Me:Okay. Are you suffering from an injury of another type of sickness?

Client:I am suffering from a physical injury.

Me:What type of injury, Mr. Peterson?

Client:It is a knee injury that I got yesterday following a vehicleaccident.

Me:Thank you taking time to contact the ABC Hospital. Please do nothesitate to call our Registration Department at 504-449-8055 in caseyou need to change or update any part of the information you havegiven me. Have a good day and quick recovery Mr. Peterson.

Client:Thank you.

(Theclient ends the call)


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