A beautiful day out at my favorite place


People have different places where they refer as their favorite. Itcould be the beach, mountains, animal orphanages and forest amongothers. Individuals have different interests, making it impossiblefor everyone to have the similar favorite place. My favorite place isthe ocean.

As the sun shines, the water glitters due to the bright sunlight.The wind moving is visible because of the swirls in the ocean. It ispossible to feel the hot sand underneath my feet. Deep dives in theocean make the water surround me, as though overwhelming me throughits warmth. It feels so peaceful, floating in the water as it swaysside to side, and everything is calm. As the tides move, pushing mefurther into the ocean, washing away all my worries, this makes theocean a favorite place. It is peaceful, undisturbed, and the onlynoises are those of the water swirling.

The many features of the ocean make it a favorite place. Theseinclude the sand, sun, waves, water and deep imagined world below allthe sand and water that is invisible (Sherwin &amp Miller, 2006).Once in the ocean, an individual can only envision what happensbeneath all the water. I visited the ocean during my school holidays,mostly with friends. There are different activities that I can engagein, but I always find myself opting for the ocean. The ocean is thefirst place I learnt to swim, and the experience has always beenmemorable. The anxiety and finally learning how to floatindividually, resulting in the realization that, it is possible to dothings independently.

Spending time in the ocean enables me to reflect on my life, andmake resolutions. There are always people around, some swimming asothers just take pictures. Fresh air and calmness are in abundance,contrary to the city, where pollution is widespread. This reminds meof other places like the forest, where the air is also fresh and theenvironment is peaceful. I like the ocean because there are manythings one can do and have fun. It is possible to play in the sand,swim and compete with friends, take pictures randomly, meet newpeople, or simply watch other people have fun. It is especially myfavorite place because I am able to go with my friends where we spendthe whole day away from other addictive activities like playing videogames, or chatting and surfing.


The ocean is simply my favorite place. A place where holidays andfree time are perfectly spend. The sand, water and sun make the placeserene. I like the ocean because I am able to do many activities atthe same place, meaning a lot of fun.


Sherwin, F. J., &amp Miller, B. (2006). The ocean book. GreenForest, AR: Master Books.