Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.`s speech &quotI have a dream&quot is astandout amongst the most significant and recognizable moments in thefight for civil rights era. On the off chance that Dr. Martin LutherKing Jr. had not utilized the right Talk Cards, his speech would nothave been as noteworthy. As I would like to think, Dr. Martin LutherKing Jr. utilized three primary Talk Cards. The primary and mostimperative card he uses is the motivator card. He wants his audienceto acknowledge the amount of progress they can make happen if theystart working on it right away.

Thesecond Talk Card he uses is the historian card referencing theAbraham Lincoln and Emancipation Proclamation. This is vital for himto accomplish since it sets the stage for him to discuss howone-hundred years have passed, yet the black man is still oppressed.The third talk card he utilizes, which is just as essential as thefirst, is the leader talk card. Without the use of this card, no onewould be there to listen to his speech (King &amp Washington,2012).

Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.`s voice makes the words he addresses have anemanation of essentialness encompassing him. He finds himself able tohave an effect on the crowd because of the force and significance ofhis voice. The leader card is something he needed to develop as ifthat was that was his first speech. Otherwise, his speech would nothave made enough impact to the crowd. However, since he was such apersuasive leader in the period, his words conveyed more weight.

Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. does utilize a few distinctive Talk Cards as apart of his speech. He had the same goal with his audience. He made adecent job by utilizing the distinctive talk cards as they help himmake his message clear to a large gathering. Consequently, he invokedfeelings of inspiration and motivation to his gathering (King &ampWashington, 2012).

Inconclusion, changing the talk cards would have changed the vitalityand force of his speech. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is veryinfluential and formal when recounting this speech. The objective ofhis discourse was to have an effect on the social equality fight andto inspire the crowd. He found himself able to do this by beinginfluential and his speech is well spoken.


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