Question 1

My academic career has not been without challenges, which I havelearnt to tackle and ensure that I progress to excel academically.While in high school, I did not perform well, and my GPA was around2.4. The reason for the poor high school performance is that myparents compelled me to take courses they thought were better for me.In most instances, I was not interested in the courses selected by myparents, which negatively affected my interest in studying. However,after enrolling in College, I was able to select courses thatinterest me. I also realize that I need to study to advance my lifemy parents. The outcome has been an improvement in my GPA to anaverage 3.5. Two years ago, after high school, I tried applying forthe academic position but was unsuccessful. I have decided to applyagain because my GPA has improved and I have completed two years ofcollege education.

Question 2

I have taken part in extracurricular activities, at BinghamtonUniversity. One of these activities involves becoming a member of theConfucius Institute. I have taken a class in the institute and workedas a teaching assistant. The Confucius Institute enables members totake part in interesting Chinese language, as well as cultureactivities. They involve Chinese cuisine, trying on Beijing operacostumes, taking language classes, Beijing opera demonstrations amongothers. I was part of the performers acting at Beijing Opera, duringthe 2014 Global Confucius day. The performance took place at the MacyHall. Spectators included the local news, mayor and local people.During the event, I was engaged in many activities and not justperformance. I was one of the individuals involved in organizing thepresentations, by helping in arranging the set up. This entailedmoving material that to use during performances and presentation fromthe school to Macy Hall.

Question 3

Presently, I am studying at Binghamton University majoring ineconomics. I wish to transfer to Illinois and major in marketing. Iam more interested in majoring in marketing, which is not currentlypossible to pursue at Binghamton. The university only has a marketingcourse. I suppose that it is imperative for an individual to major ina unit, which they feel is more suitable with their study interests.As a university student, it is more likely that the course one takeswill have a major influence in their prospect career choices.Economics is a good major, with many work opportunities. However, Ifeel that I am more suited to major in marketing. This is becausemarketing aligns more to my study interests. In addition, majoring inmarketing will make it more probable to pursue my career interests.Hence, in prospect, I will be able to work within my aspiredprofession.

I have previously worked on internship at the Bank of China. Theinternship position was an eye opener to marketing. It offeredfirsthand experience on what marketing involves. The experiencecreated a new interest towards focusing on marketing in place ofeconomics. During summer break in 2015, together with my friend, westarted a business. Marketing is a key section of our business, as itis the main determinant of success. I feel that majoring in marketingwill equip me with knowledge, which I will use to improve and developthe business. I consider myself a hardworking student. In my collegeeducation, I have performed well maintaining a GPA of 3.5. I amself-assured that given the opening to pursue marketing, I willprogress with the same performance and endeavor for higher. I aminterested in enrolling at Maryland, because I believe it is the mostsuitable institution to offer a major in marketing.