Hello Everyone,

I love art, because I am able to express different issues throughdrawing. I have a deep affection for art. I have been studyingdrawing for seven years and it has been my main field of study fromhigh school to university. My name is Zhiyu, He and I am fromBeijing, China. I am a second semester student at Penn State,recently admitted to the BFA painting and drawing program. Drawing isnot only a talent, but also something that I have borrowed fromfamous artists. I have been able to take part in drawing competitionsgetting first and second place during national drawing competition.In the artwork competition that I managed to get the first place, ithappened during a tour to 10 different nations.

I love art history because it informs on the themes I select for mydrawings. To get more information on the different works of famousartists, I visit art galleries whenever I have free time. The museumscontain many artwork collections from the different art periods. Ihave knowhow on historic art periods and look forward to Art 122Y,because it will inform on contemporary art. The class is anintroduction to the research and analysis of modern art via athematic framework. An exploration of modern art via thematicframework makes it possible to learn about specific artists, the pastand modern social and culture compels which motivate and influenceartists to date. The class will be indispensable in widening my scopein studying drawing.

My greatest achievement as an art student and upcoming artist hasbeen managing to sell one of my drawings. It has been a majormilestone in my art progress. As I progress to learn, I have noticeda lot of growth in former and current drawings.