Question 1

There are challenges that have a negative impact on academicexcellence. In my academic year, I faced challenges, which had anoteworthy outcome on my capability to perform well academically. Ilike studying in the US and MSU. The country provides me with thebest opportunity to improve my English. The institution is amid thebest, which means I will get the best education. I am from China,which makes it difficult to communicate and write fluently inEnglish. It has been a main impediment in my academic success becauseEnglish is the only language used by instructors in teaching. It isalso the language in all reading resources. It has been challenginghaving to learn the English language, cope in the new environment,and at the same time study. Another challenge is that my parents weregetting divorced. The divorce had a psychological effect on me,making it difficult to focus on my schoolwork.

Question 2

My parent’s divorce and poor English skills have affected myacademic performance without a doubt. To deal with the challenges, Iam currently taking an English course. The course will be importantin enhancing my understanding of the English language. This meansthat I will also improve my understanding of what the instructorteaches, and it will able become easier to study on my own. Myparent’s problem has been settled, meaning that it will no longeraffect me. I have also learned to control the influence of personalproblems on my studies. Such control means that I am able toconcentrate more on my studies. I intend to use the help room anytimeI need clarification on any academic issue. I hope the universityconsiders my plan towards academic excellence and waive thesemester’s grade to give me an opportunity of staying at MSU.