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TheSupreme Court of the United States is the highest court in the nationfor all cases emerging under the laws of the United States or theconstitution. The Court is obligated to ensure that every person isequal under the law. Additionally, the Supreme Court is responsiblefor interpreting and protecting the Constitution.

TheCourt comprises of the Chief Justice of the United States and eightassociate judges nominated by the President of the nation andaffirmed by the Senate (Kurland &amp Gunther 9). At the SupremeCourt`s discretion, and inside specific rules created by Congress,the Supreme Court every year hears a set number of the cases it isasked to choose. Those cases may start in the government or statecourts, and they typically include critical inquiries concerningfederal law or the constitution (O`Connor 17).

Thisdemonstrates the Supreme Court`s power and its significance to thenation. With a particular end goal to indicate the power of theSupreme Court from a political perspective, it is best to examine thematter focused around two contentions. The principal claim dealingwith the extent to which the Supreme Court is a political foundationand the second contention showing the routes in which the SupremeCourt is a political organization (United States &amp Library ofCongress 161).

Inconclusion, the United States Supreme Court does influence Americangovernmental issues in spite of the measures done to prevent itsinvolvement. The Supreme Court is an establishment consideredrelatively powerful in American governmental issues. The SupremeCourt has an extraordinary impact on social issues and shows changesto the legislature that affect the people.


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