The first essay is about living your own life. It is a detailednarration of a student’s experience in new institution. It explainswhat new students go through trying to adapt to the culture andpeople they find in the college environment. The factor in contextattempts to explain college life experience as different from homeexperience. It targets any reader and purposes to inform the audiencethat the best way to make it through college is by living your ownway. The article has a carefree tone as the student explains what shewent through trying to overcome college challenges and gossip fromother students who did not understand them. Through the use ofEnglish language the student describes her experience in Seton Halluniversity. There are some grammatical and sentence constructionerrors that can be rectified to make the article free of grammaticalerrors. However, a reader appreciates fiction used and rhetoricalexpectations with differing purposes to let the audience know what ishappening. The article can be revised through correcting spellingand sentence construction errors to make the exceptional article.

The article two sides of people begins explaining how people aredifferent and have two sides. The article describes two sides ofhuman beings under the sun and in the shadow and how these affectsthem. The writer of a narrow fellow in the grass Emily Dickinson isdescribed as a poet who explains the male snake and how it movedcunningly. Through describing grass and rides, the sound ‘s’gives the tone of snake which is similar to the movement the snake.This article is more of a poem and a symbolism is seen in everyaspect especially at the beginning of the article where the snake isdescribed. Symbolism is also used to explain the cave as a shadowthat people walk out of and also connect to the cold snake. Dickisonis an introverted poet who was born in a successful family. Thisexperience is similar to the student’s nature of being an introvertand being defensive. Later on, her life transforms and gets better asthey are surrounded by friends and hang out with classmates. Thisexperience changes the writer’s situation into sunshine and bringswarmth into their lives. Throughout this article, coherence isevident while slight grammatical errors need to be corrected.

Women confidence and young lover’s concept is the third assignmentto be reflected on. It explains love between Adam and Eve asformulated by God. The article describes the epitome of womenarguments since then to date and the topic of live, which is largelydebated. The concept of love and its significance to loversespecially young people is discussed extensively in this article. Thehistory of love as an endless story that never ends and how itcontinues to be pursued is well elaborated in this article. Different views from authors and other writers have been used toexplain love as understood in different aspects. With theseexplanations, the article’s tone of love is achieved. Life withoutlove is impossible and many people cannot live without love. Thearticle has been written well without mistakes and is easy tounderstand. It seems to have been thoroughly researched and meets theexplanations of love. The article concludes by letting readers knowthat they have a right to pursue love and be loved back. This articleis informative and entertaining.