Theidea of portfolio to monitor my growth as a student has helped in mystudies. I have developed decision-making, self-awareness, andgoal-setting skills that are essential for my self-determination inlife. The use of portfolio for my growth has helped me to be activelyinvolved in the process of being responsible for my studies. I intendto use the knowledge I have acquired in my English class in allfuture classes that I will take. I intend to do this because I havelearned very efficient ways of taking the right path towards highperformance from the English class.

Oneof the techniques that I learned from my English class is webbing.The technique helped me realize the power of brainstorming ideas. Mywork became easy after I started utilizing this technique. This couldbe reflected in my results since I could quickly develop, organize,and prioritize ideas and facts to create flowing information. Iimproved my fluency in thinking by developing relationships betweenideas and concepts when doing my assignments.

Anotherimportant skill that helped me improve my performance is a freewriting technique. This technique has helped me to overcome thewriters’ barrier as it allows me to choose a topic and pour as manyideas as I can within a specified period. Additionally, I havediscovered that I can give unplanned talk or speech since freewriting has taught my to think fast and freely.

Iwas very pleased with my first results. I performed very well inevery paper the lowest grade I got was a B. However, I noticed a lotof correction in one of my papers by Mrs. Runkle. Some of the errorsincluded grammar and poor punctuation. I knew that I could overcomethese challenges through hard work and seeking assistance from theteacher.

Afterimplementing everything I learned in class throughout the semester, Ireally improved on my second test. I was pleased to score an A-(minus) in the paper that I had issues. That was a notableimprovement since I did my best to achieve good grades. Even thoughthere were still significant mistakes, they were fewer compared tothe previous paper. Nonetheless, I knew that there was still a roomfor improvement. I kept on putting practicing and putting in moreeffort to become proficient in English.

Towardsthe end of my final examination, I had a lot of confidence since Ihad all skills required by the test required. I was familiar with thetopic and putting in mind that I could now brainstorm ideas, Iexpected good results. I would not be surprised if I scored higher onthe paper since my teacher had taught me how to write anargumentative essay.

However,considering that it was long since I had done research paper, theresults were not as pleasing as I expected. I realized mydifficulties in doing proper citation on the paper, and that affectedmy performance. However, Mrs. Runkle never gave up on me. She knewthat I needed a lot of practice since practice makes perfect. Shegave us the task of rewriting the same paper from different points ofview. I also discovered that it was becoming easier each time Ire-did the paper. I thank my teacher since her class has improved mywriting and general personality since I have turned out to be aconfident person who can express myself.